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Band Leadership Essay free essay sample

Being a part of this band has in itself been a memorable experiance, an experiance i would not trade for the world. However this past year I lost hope in band and was actually really close to quitting band all together. I had forgotten why i was a part of marching band with the stress of my school work and frustration over my tiredness in cross country. But when we played at our lakeshore competition i felt something that i had never before felt in the band. I had walked of the feild with what felt like a runners high, only difference is that I had just marched in arguably the most epic performance i have ever been a part of. I have to thank that feeling i got at the end of the show for the reason i am applying for leadership, and that is something i do not think i could ever forget. We will write a custom essay sample on Band Leadership Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When looking beyond the extra little something to set me apart on my colledge applications the only gains i can see from me being in leadership is personal. I know that i will benefit from this because it will help me refine my personality. Being in a leadership position of Captain in track and Craoss country has help make me more aware of how i can help others. I have also learned from my job about how to be more of a people person. Being a drill instructer will allow me to fine tune these developing qualitys to help improve me as a person for when i leave highschool and eneter the real world. This position of drill instructor will also allow me to gain the experiance as a leader. I know i have what it takes to be a great leader and i would like to improve thiswith the experiance being a drill instructor will allow me to do. To be honest i have applied for this position three times now and there is not much more i can say beyond this; I know i have what it takes to be one of the best options for the trumpet leadership. But I will take the time to highlight my three best traits i have to offer the leadership. First off i work hard, I tend to push myself to my limits and i benefit from it, I have shown this in my running as well as a majority of my schoolwork. This work effick i have will make me a good person for the rookies to look up to and learn from. The second trait that sets me apart is that i have become open-minded to other options. Yes, i am still a little stubborn but during this past year i have been able to listen to other options and even consider them to improve my ideas or even allow my ideas to be incoroerated. The last trait that will set me apart from the other applicants in my section is that i have the experiance they lack. I have been a captain in cross country and track since my sophmore year, I love my section most days but lets be real some days we can be difficult people to reason with, and this is where my experiance will help. My proir leadership experiance has allowed me to learn how to lead effectivally as well as recognize ineffective ways. I also view myself as being a fairly good marcher, and a marcher who is eager to pass my experiance to the next generation of marchers before i graduate. I hope that based on what i have told you about myself you can see that i do belong on your leadership group Even with such a short season, the marching band is able to accomplish alot. As a band we are able to make the crowds at parades go crazy for us, we can very effectivly liven up a football stadium, and we have even managed to make other bands tremble when we arrive at compitions. But one of the most important things that this band has to offer is to its member directly. The most influential side effects the band has is to develope three important things in its mebers that will impact us all. Those three things are pride, work effick, and a love for what you enjoy. It is those three things that can only be developed in sports and marching band. And with a band that presses 150 nearly every year, that is alot of individuals that will be able to be successfull after there highschool lives are over. The most important thing the band does is to develope the younger members of the community, this benefits both the individuals and all the people they will influence in there lives. Personally i have had no big issue with the drill instructors, except the few that let there significant others boss the entire underclassmen group around just because they were dating a drill instructor. But overall from the observer standpoint i have not has any standout moments of spetaculiar leadership nor complete distastor within my section, However if on leadership or not i do have ine suggestion: better communication acrose sections and less yo fix your section and i worry about mine. I have noticed that this has created disagreements over who marked off the spot correctly or not.

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Studios and Studies

Studios and Studies Studios and Studies Studios and Studies By Mark Nichol The word study has a variety of meanings and a small but meaningful array of words based on it. This post lists those definitions and terms. Study derives from the Latin verb studere, meaning, â€Å"application† in the sense of applying one’s attention, especially to learning. From that word came studium, the term for an artist’s workshop (but also meaning â€Å"eagerness† or zeal†), which evolved into the Italian term studio. Today, studio retains its primary meaning, though it has expanded to designate the site of any of a variety of artistic endeavors, from fine arts to photography and motion pictures, as well as performing arts and, by extension, media broadcasts. Therefore, a studio might be small room where a painter or sculptor produces his or her art, a larger chamber where radio, television, or film production occurs or where audio recordings are created, or (referred to in the plural) an entire complex of buildings and outdoor sets where TV programs or movies are filmed. Studio also denotes a company that produces media or a group of people associated with a particular studio where artists work. Also by extension, from the fact that through history, many artists’ studios have doubled as living quarters, a small, one-room dwelling is often referred to as a studio (or, for clarity, a studio apartment or a studio flat). Study often refers to a room, usually one furnished with a desk and bookcases or bookshelves and devoted to reading and/or writing. Study also pertains to a topic of learning, though in that sense it is usually employed generically in plural form (as in â€Å"He devoted himself to his studies†). A study hall was originally a common room on a university campus for study and tutoring; the term â€Å"study hall† now often denotes a period during the school day or after school where secondary school students can work on class assignments. A study can also be an experimental or exploratory creative or intellectual exercise, especially a musical composition intended not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also to exercise musicians in technique or demonstrate their musical skills, though in this sense, the French form à ©tude is often employed. In addition, study refers to reflection or thought in general but also describes, in the phrase â€Å"quick study,† someone who learns or memorizes quickly; â€Å"brown study† is an outdated description of a gloomy or melancholy state of thought into which someone was often referred to as falling. (Brown once had the sense in an emotional context that blue has now.) Meanwhile, an understudy is an actor prepared to substitute for another cast member in a theatrical production. The sense of â€Å"an academic or scientific research project† derives from the verb study, which means â€Å"engage in learning† or, more specifically, refers to the act of consuming information to acquire knowledge and understanding. The verb can also pertain to attentively regarding something, as in â€Å"She studied the room for a moment to determine the best hiding place for the book.† A student is a learner, not only in a formal academic sense but also in reference to someone who carefully and closely follows a discipline or topic. Open compounds such as â€Å"student driver† and â€Å"student teacher† generally denote someone practicing the endeavor indicated by the second word. Someone who studies diligently is studious, does so studiously, and demonstrates studiousness. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Farther vs. FurtherRules for Capitalization in Titles10 Tips About How to Write a Caption

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Managing Decisions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Managing Decisions - Essay Example e decisions which are taken on the basis of relevant assumptions which are made after considering for all types of situations and consequences which the organisation can face in future. As per this model there are seven basic steps which are taken while managing decisions. First of all, the main problem should be defined and analysed in order to assess the future situation which the company may face due to the problem. The second step is to identify and analyse all the alternative solutions of the problem. The third step is to analyse all the merits and demerits of the identified alternatives. Once all the alternatives have been assessed the fourth step is to rank all alternative solutions as per their strengths. Ranking helps to identify the optimal alternative solution which can maximise the satisfaction level, thus identification of the optimal solution id the fifth step of this model. Sixth step is to implement the chosen alternative. Once the alternative is implemented follow up s are done to assure that every thing is going as decided, this is the seventh step in normative model (Swansburg and Swansburg, 2002, p.256). Decision tree: The uncertainty aspects of the future events make the decision making more crucial and vital for every organisation. One of the most popular and common quantitative technique which is used to manage decisions regarding uncertain activities is decision tree. Thus decision tree can be defined as the graphical representation of various sequential decisions and the various expected values of those decisions. The decision tree helps to assess each decision as per their sequence in analysing the expected value of the given alternatives. The expected values are the probable value of the outcomes of various activities. These are considered... Center of discussion in this paper is decision making as an important aspect of every business enterprise. The success of the organisation largely depends upon the managerial decisions. Therefore it is very important to efficiently manage the decision making. The whole organisation starting from the recruitment of the human resource, planning for the production and manufacturing of products, planning for the projected business, demand forecasting, planning of the activities to be done in the organisation, budgeting, forecasting of the revenue, target customers, etc are very important for success of the organisation. Therefore, the managerial decisions are very important and have a great impact on the overall performance of the company. If any decisions regarding planning of the organisational activities or the short term targets set for the company are not done efficiently then the company can be severely affected in long run. There are many techniques which help the managers in thei r decision making. Some of the methods are quantitative and some are qualitative. Every method has its pros and cons but at the same time relevant in their own field. Thus the best technique is to combine the various techniques of decision making in other words the management should not depend on one technique of decision making but it should practice a variety of decision making tools which would increase the efficiency of decision making process and will also make the decision process faster and effective.

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Online Schooling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Online Schooling - Essay Example Teachers, parents, and educators have tried to address such issues where their students get bullied by others to an extent of affecting their school performance and finally, the idea of online learning has been taken to enhance a student’s comfort and peace of learning. Also, the teachers claimed that they finally found a solution to what had been disturbing them for a very long time. Pre-college studies refer to those students aiming to join kindergarten, secondary or primary studies and are in need to study on the website. In order to fulfill the high-quality education programs, the online schools saw it wise to prepare students right from kindergartens. The program has is developed to offer an engaging and innovative way to inspire young minds of ages between three to five years so as to provide high-caliber for individualized learning options. In conclusion, education has truly changed people to the digital world. With the invention of technology in today’s culture, it has become accessible and widespread that the nation has got more advantages from it with few setbacks. But all in all, with technology, comes the digital world and improved living standards. By these, Postman meant that technology neither adds nor subtracts anything, but it tends to improve the ecology. Technology has a lot in it some of which may be good and others not even considerable. He noted that it will be wise to put into consideration the required type of technology, the importance it has to the society or the targeted group and whether the benefits can outweigh the risks.

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Writing for business purposes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Writing for business purposes - Essay Example Essentially, a corporate sales brochure is a marketing device that can also serve as a communication strategy in which it helps an organization to sell itself as a brand to its customer base or to their stakeholders within the business. On the other hand, an annual report is a business communication tool that provides a company’s comprehensive report on the activities undertaken in a just concluded financial year. Its target audience includes shareholders and other interested parties where the operations of a company are of concern to them, especially in terms of financial performance and activities undertaken by the company. With this, this essay will analyse the corporate sales brochure of and the annual report of Marks and Spencer both as forms of business communication tools. Within the English football league, Chelsea Football Club is a club whose year of founding was 1905 and its operational base is in Fulham in London. Chelsea’s home is Stamford Bridge whose seating capacity is 41, 837 and the club’s owner is Sir Roman Abramovich and managed by Jose Mourinho. As at 2013, the club was number seven in the most valuable team listed in the world with an estimated value of nine hundred and one million dollars, which was an 18% increase from 2012. In analysing its corporate sales brochure mounted on its website, the intention of this is to educate those that seek information from the site with up to date information about the football club through giving product specifications on the online platform. They include promotional information of the ongoing sale of merchandise and also information on the matches the team is to play as the current fixture. Other than this, the online brochure also helps to influence client loyalty in that it provides an online chat avenue in which those accessing the site can give feedback on various issues concerning the club’s performance. Ideally, using such an

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Principles for good interpersonal relationship

Principles for good interpersonal relationship To live a contended and successful life with cordial relationship with people around is very important. The life of the person is always connected to others and the level of relation with other person depends on how you deal and treat them. While dealing with people there are many factors with influence the terms one has which includes communication skills, the way of dealing and interacting with others and social ethics. Thesis Interpersonal skills are important to live a happy successful living. In every step of persons life the interpersonal skills of person are tested and observe and those who have excellent interpersonal skills are always successful in both professional and personal living. This paper discusses the points which are important to maintain good interpersonal skills and why they should be kept maintained and polished. Interpersonal Relationship Skills The relation of the person with other people around him is known as interpersonal relationship. The skilled interpersonal qualities are very necessary for living a comfortable life with good social relations. No one is born with social skills. Everyone learns, perceives and absorb the social norms and the way of dealing people; which comes with time. The first school of social learning of a person is home. Home is the first place where one learns basic etiquettes, social norms and how to deal and respond to people. The basic learning of person is started and is leant from home. And since then a journey of learning and improving the social skills is constant. The social skills and interpersonal skills of a person are experienced when he enters the professional life. And with time these skills are polished. The interpersonal skills vary from person to person. There are two types of people while dealing with people, introvert and extrovert. Each of these people would be different in dealing with other and thus the relationship, communication and level of dealing of communication with each type would be different. The interpersonal skills are also affected by the environment we grew in, our personal preferences, the way we feel, the personality type etc. Interpersonal skills are needed everywhere. Whenever a person has to deal or communicate with other people or person the interpersonal skills of person are shown. Basically there are three stages where interpersonal skills are needed; personal dealing, social interactions and cooperation. All such relations such as friends, coworkers, family relatives, cousins, neighborhood and peers all are included in interpersonal relations. Five Principles for good Interpersonal Relationship Good interpersonal relationship leads people to deal and work in friendly and cozy environment. Health interpersonal relations provide people security, satisfaction, enjoyment and contentment towards each other. And those who are not successful to gain good interpersonal relations with people around them feel great sense of frustration, anxiety, failure and loneliness. To have good interpersonal relationship there are five important principals which are as following: Mutual Benefit Principle: The strong interpersonal relations are formed when people share same group of interests. It helps them to form a strong bond and meet up the social need of themselves; and as well as those one which are related or are connected with each other. So a health interpersonal relationship brings satisfaction to both sides of people. And to have such cordial terms both of the parties have to show a friendly affection with acceptance towards other. This is more successful when both parties share mutual interest and are capable of understanding each other. Credit Principle: For making the relation with the people fruitful and pleasant it is important to make people feel that you are useful for them. When people are treated this way they value you but more important is maintaining such interpersonal relation. The mutual understanding can be achieved through mutual sincerity and good intentions for each other. Only such feelings will enhance the good emotions and will make the relationship stronger no matter what type of relationship it is. When there is mutual understanding and benefits people tend to be more positive about such relations and to maintain such interpersonal relationships it is important to value the credit received and given. Respect Principle: No matter how alike the people are there can be many situations were two views are shared. When someone has to deal people socially there is always a presence of different views. And to keep the environment safe, friendly and healthy everyone should have a tolerance to accept and hear other point of views. Many times there comes a point when people exchange views which are different from other, even if someone doesnt seem to agree then the interpersonal skills teaches us to show tolerance and acceptance to listen other views. Everyone has a right of freedom of speech so everyone has right to share their thoughts. So only through tolerance and respect one can maintain good interpersonal relationships. Tolerance Principle: Tolerance means that a person does not care about small minor issues, and by keeping aside the disturbing issues one can work together for a common goal and can negotiate the issues separately without letting the environment and relationship to get spoil. As there is always an individual difference, everyone has different mindset which brings out different view somewhere, through tolerance one can only deal with such situations. If someone had shown harsh behavior or has hurt you then there are two basic ways to deal with it, first keep a grudge, plot revenge or try to forget about it and never bother to expect something from that person. A skilled interpersonal person would prefer the second option and will try to deal the situations with tolerance. Moderation Principle: There should be a health interpersonal relation with people. A distant relation brings distance and lack of communication where as too much communication and time together causes irritation, obsession and lack of sense of space. To maintain a good social interpersonal relation one should keep a moderate way to deal and communicate with people. So the degree of relation should be maintained properly regarding the type of relationship one has. (, 2007) Misconceptions in interpersonal relationships The misconceptions between two people can lead to poor communication and fragile relations. There are many reasons which can bring distance and bitterness in any relations. Following are some of the reasons which can lead to misconceptions. First impression: we often build up the first impression of people very quickly and those impressions get engraved in our mind which becomes very difficult to omit. First impression is not the last impression and one should never judge anyone completely in first impressions. There are many factors which should be noticed before making an observation about people. The reason for which I personally think the first impression causes misconception is that when the person have built a mind set about the person then it became difficult for him to deal with them. Even if they do well the other person would judge and make observation in a reflection of the impression he has built about him. Error in understanding: there are many reasons which can leads to error in understanding the person. As mentioned above due to the building up the first impression very quickly can also cause misconception in interpersonal relationships. There are many other factors which can cause error in understanding other persons impression such as the way of delivering or conveying the message, variety of thoughts and ideas which can also become objectionable to others. Pride and self-worth: if any other the person has too much pride and confidence then it will also militate against the good interpersonal relations. When the person is head headed then people find it difficult to communicate with them which lead other people not to open up with them. Such traits in personality dont let other people to communicate with them which lead to misconception and lack of good friendly terms. Barrier in communication: there can be many reasons which can cause barrier in communication. This barrier in communication between people causes distance and poor communication. When there is poor communication the person is not able to communicate their message or feelings well, which brings out distance in-between people. Barriers to Effective Interpersonal Interactions Following are the most basic and noticeable points which causes barriers to effective interpersonal interactions: Way of communicating the message to other. If the speech or message is not clearly delivered then such situations can lead to barrier in cordial interpersonal relations. Assuming a wrong meaning of message conveyed can also leads to misunderstanding, grudges and sometimes even to verbal fights. The body language and tone of delivering words also makes a great impact. The way of delivering ones message is the first thing which other notice. If the person finds it good and well-mannered then the good interpersonal relations are grown. The reference through which a person came to know someone also makes a great impact on the person. That reference always defines the person in the light of reference one has mentioned. Person is known by the company he keeps. In building a good interpersonal relations this line makes a great impact. If someones comes to know the third person through a bad reference then the image of the third person will be automatically bad. Or somewhere the impact of the reference would stay till one gets to know them properly. Developing the self-concept Having a self-concept about one self is very important. When the person knows his abilities, good points and weak points then it helps him to be a better person and let them to overcome the negative points. A person should be always open to learn new things which include the acceptance to the views which people give. Where the good views and comments help the person to build a confidence; the negative views also give the person the opportunity to see himself with a critical point of view and then overcome such points. Here is a list of points which help person to build a self-concept and how to improve one own self. By recalling the previous achievement. By recalling the good feedbacks and comments received By doing a self-analysis of the personality , keeping in mind the good points and the bad points Indulging oneself in a new tasks and situation to see how good and efficiently you can tackle them By meeting new people and seeing their response about you By adjusting yourself in new situations By overcoming the fears you have, as they will help you in being a better person Handling difficult situations and people and rechecking yourself that how good and successful you were Recalling the past mistakes so that you dont repeat them in future Polishing the capabilities and potentials one has Facing and overcoming the weak points Doing a self-analysis and rechecking the past mistakes and weak points helps the person in being a better person. We often make mistakes which we regret later. So by recalling the mistakes and trying to analysis ones mistakes gives a person a better picture. One should always be open to accept his mistakes so that he can correct them. We loses many of our relations because of our different mistakes, if we do a self-analysis more often than we would be able to maintain our relationships better and can bring the loved ones back in life. Maintaining a self-concept By maintaining a self-concept means that on should keep improving himself and should try to maintain a good self-image. One should cut down and overcome the flaws and try to deal with difficult situations. And keep venturing himself with new situations which will help the person to improve the personality and abilities of socializing. Here is a list of point which one should follow in maintaining a self-image. Being constant in good behavior By being down to earth Open to criticism and realizing self-mistakes Regular self-assessment Keeping tolerance while dealing with people By being polite to people Overcoming the one own flaws and keep improving the personality Finding new horizons in professional fields Giving task to oneself to see whether you can do t or not Challenging your own self in health way Keeping a positive thinking so that you are able to see positive things in people around you. Improving the interpersonal skills Little gestures and care can bring out the best in any relationship. Interpersonal relations are very important for a person to live a happy and successful life. We meet and deal with different types of people. Every person has different personality. So even if we dont seem to agree or like other people we should never criticize anyone with sarcasm. Continuous complaining and whining about others will make the self-image down. And even if one has to make the other person realize their mistakes then always chose a moderate decent way to convey the message. Whereas if someone does something good always appreciate them. Saying nice about other will bring the element of love and affection. A response of smile should be given with a smile. These little gestures and concern towards people bring people together and in such environment its easy n fruitful to carry healthy interpersonal relations. Conclusion Interpersonal skills are very important to maintain a good living. A life of a person is always surrounded by people. So dealing people with right attitude is very essential. For maintaining a healthy relationship with people one should deal other with patience, tolerance and care; one should always accept individual differences and personality traits of others. And very often one should do self-analysis so that a constant improvement in personality should be there. Social skills are only improved when one ventures to experience now situations. Holding good interpersonal skills with people is essential for successful living in all stages; personal, social and cooperation.

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The Cost of Solar Cells to Harvest Energy Essay -- Power Environment R

Solar Cells - Energy of the Future Solar cells have been around since 1883, when the first solar cell was created. Even though they have been around for so long, many people still wonder why they have not been implemented into wide-scale usage already. Solar cells today are highly efficient and can provide enough energy to power many cities today. But what is holding them back from being used in developing countries that have a chance to base their society around them, or in already developed countries? Simply put- the cost. Before I go in to detail about usage and implementation of solar cells, let me explain just how they work. Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells (Photo= light Voltaic=electricity) capture photons, convert them into electrons, and use these electrons to transfer energy to whatever you want to power. To do this, solar cells are made with a material called a semiconductor, which, for solar cells is almost always silicon. When light hits this material, it causes electrons to break loose and flow throughout the material. By placing metal plates on the solar cell, we can capture this flow of electrons, otherwise known as current. Using the equation Power= Volts * Current, you can calculate the voltage output of a cell, which, using silicon, is about 1.1 volts- a 25% or so efficiency. There are currently three types of solar cells- first generation, second generation, and third generation, where each generation aims to address a certain problem with solar cells. First generation cells aim to make as many cells as possible, second generation aim to make highly effective solar panels, and third generation cells try to create the most cost efficient solar panels. In this paper, I will address how and w... ...vernment. Energy Information Administration. Retrieved on 2007-10-02. Government, US. "Government Solar Facts." Multiband Solar Panels. 29 July 2008 . How Stuff Works. "Solar Cells." How Stuff Works. 29 July 2008 . Inc., Energy, comp. "Purchase a Solar Cell." Purchase a Solar Cell Today. 29 July 2008 . Irock23. "Yahoo Answers." Yahoo Answers. 29 July 2008 . James, Stuart. "Http://" La Times 29 July 2008: 15-16. Online, Chemistry, ed. "Solar Powering the World." Solar Energy (Photovoltaic Cells). 29 July 2008 .

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Language Arts Action Research Essay

Classroom Management Inquiry: An Applied Study of Language Arts Data Zoo Southern Illinois university Daredevils Brian Walker Johnson, Literacy Faculty Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Project CLC 445 Language Arts at Elementary and Middle Levels November 22, 2013 Classroom Management Inquiry: An Applied Study of Language Arts The main phenomenon I have concentrated on throughout my Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Project for my applied study of language arts Is the role that speaking, writing, viewing, visually representing, reading and listening play in the management of an elementary school classroom. I have come to understand that classroom management is one of the hardest duties off beginning teacher. Being respected by students and colleagues is what establishes a teacher as an authority, and effective classroom management is a start towards this goal. Managing my students has been the hardest part of my school experience thus far, and I hoped that allowing language arts to become an active part of my management processes would allow my students to think more critically about their actions. When I began his inquiry study, I believed that writing classroom rules together, reading classroom rules critically, speaking and listening to how rules are applied, and viewing and visually representing class rules in daily walk and conversation might give students a sense of ownership over their classroom and greater respect for teachers. I thought the benefit of using language arts for classroom management might be measured by closer examination of critical conversations students have when rules are broken. So I proposed the following action research question: How does student behavior hanged when students read, write, speak, listen, view, or visually represent apparent misbehaver? Waxier (2007) suggests that written action plans which give older elementary students responsibility for their actions changes misbehaver. Research by Smith (2009) demonstrates that the use of other language arts with preschoolers can have the same effect. Reading these studies motivated me to pursue classroom arts. Method Secondary Sources to Answer Research Question I began my research into how student behavior changes when language arts are integrated into classroom management practices by reviewing two secondary resources. My first source, â€Å"Blending Effective Behavior Management and Literacy Strategies for Preschoolers Exhibiting Negative Behavior† by Smith (2009), was published in a peer reviewed early childhood education Journal specializing in articles that summarize a number of experimental studies. Smith’s (2009) summary of research gave the ideas in the article greater validity. Some of the findings Smith (2009) shared described classroom management techniques I have personally experienced as effective. Smith’s (2009) findings are limited to studies done with reechoes students, but I believe the findings can be used with older students as well. Unlike Smith (2009), my second source, Waxier (2007), was not published in a peer reviewed Journal. Washer’s eBook, teach: A Teacher Resource for Learning the Strategies of Master Teachers, was self-published. However, the author’s online biography points to decades spent as a professional teacher and consultant who has helped hundreds of elementary teachers improve their classroom management. Waxier, like Smith, also describes a number of management techniques that I have found to be helpful in the past. Primary Source Data to Answer Research Question I continued my research into how student behavior changes when language arts are integrated into classroom management practices by collecting primary sources of data from my third grade classroom. The third grade classroom where I student teach is located in Roseville, Illinois, near the Mississippi River Just north of SST. Louis, Missouri. The third grade at Roseville Elementary School consists of 25 Caucasian students, 13 boys and 12 girls. Well over 70% of these students are on free or reduced lunch programs, suggesting that their families are struggling with poverty. However, the academic achievement of these students is especially high in language arts, evidenced by the school’s online report card. These students may represent an exception to the thought that poverty dictates low academic achievement. I began my research into how elementary student behavior changes when language arts are integrated into classroom management practices by conducting classroom observations and collecting artifacts. My classroom observations were done by filling out five observations forms over 1 5 minute intervals over a period of six weeks. I simply observed moments in the life of my student teaching classroom where misbehaver was occurring. Then, using the left hand column of my observation form, I wrote what I saw my teacher and student informants doing during these 15-20 minute snapshots of instruction, scripting the instruction to the best of my ability. I included exactly what I heard and saw. On the same days I made my observations, I went home and read over what I had written. Then, using the right hand column of my observation form, I summarized the â€Å"instructional moments† I saw in my written observations that I thought related to engage arts instruction and changing student misbehaver. Finally, in a different column that: 1) documented which of the language arts were being used in the instructional moment you summarized; 2) described how I thought an additional element of language arts could have been incorporated into the instructional moment. Together with artifacts including written action plans by students to correct misbehaver, photos of room arrangement, copies of class rules, and student/teacher interviews, patterns of how misbehaver changed as a result of language arts applications began to emerge. I believe these patterns are valid because they are supported by three different kinds of primary source data: my observations, informant interviews, and classroom artifacts. My initial primary source data response to the question, â€Å"How does student behavior change when students read, write, speak, listen, view, or visually represent apparent misbehaver? , emerged after examining data collected midway through my study with colleagues in my Language Arts at Elementary and Middle Levels class at Southern Illinois University Daredevils. I began to see at first that â€Å"Reading, writing, or speaking about subversive changes misbehaver. † As I continued to gather data, it became evident that all of the language arts gave misbehaving students opportunities for reflection that changed misbehaver. Results Results of my analysis of primary source data in the form of five 1 5 minute observations over five weeks, three student interviews, one cooperating teacher interview, and seven artifacts of student work in classroom management demonstrate that use of all of the six language arts gave misbehaving students opportunities for reflection that changed their misbehaver.

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Supply Demand Super Bowl Sunday essays

Supply Demand Super Bowl Sunday essays On January 30, millions of televisions will be tuned in to the American Broadcast Company's live coverage of the Super Bowl. The three hour-plus event draws as many as 130 million viewers at one time. According to NFL Research, sixty eight percent of Super Bowl viewers say they pay attention to the commercials and fifty two percent said they discussed the ads the next day. With so many people watching the event, businesses see the Super Bowl as a golden opportunity to lure in profits by utilizing the commercial air time available. Due to the unlimited wants and limited resources, an economic condition called scarcity results. Another economic principle, called investment, is exemplified in this article. Scarcity is a condition that exists because society has unlimited wants and needs, but there are limited resources for their satisfaction. During the three hour-plus football game, there will be opportunities for large businesses (and even some small businesses who have gambled on this form of advertising) to display their product or service to over a hundred million people. At an even greater expense, some companies are sponsoring pre-game, half-time, and post-game shows. Why does it cost so much money? Commercials during the Super Bowl are very powerful means of advertising. Companies can appeal to a larger audience by advertising during an event that is widely watched among all different groups. The commercials are also quite expensive because of the limited quantity. Advertising during the Super Bowl is a very smart investment. Investment is defined by the sacrifice of current benefits to pursue an activity with expectations of greater future benefits or rewards. Does this apply to the Super Bowl? Yes. Companies will dish out millions of dollars for 30-second blocks of air time. Some companies may even purchase more than that. The short term result is a loss of millions. That money invested in advertising, however, should ...

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Alfred Nobel and the History of Dynamite

Alfred Nobel and the History of Dynamite The Nobel prizes  were established by none other than inventor Alfred Nobel. But besides being the namesake behind  one of the most prestigious awards given annually for academic, cultural and scientific achievements, Nobel is also well-known for making it possible for people to blow things up.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Before all that, however, the Swedish  industrialist, engineer, and inventor  built bridges and buildings in his nations capital Stockholm. It was his construction work that inspired Nobel to research new methods of blasting rock. So in 1860, the Nobel first started experimenting with an explosive chemical substance called  nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin and Dynamite Nitroglycerin was first invented by Italian chemist Ascanio Sobrero in 1846. In its natural liquid state, nitroglycerin is very volatile. Nobel understood this and in 1866 discovered that mixing nitroglycerine with silica would turn the liquid into a malleable paste called dynamite. One advantage that dynamite had over nitroglycerin was that it could be cylinder-shaped for insertion into the drilling holes used for mining. In 1863, Nobel invented the Nobel patent detonator or blasting cap for detonating nitroglycerin. The  detonator used a strong shock rather than heat combustion to ignite the explosives. The Nobel Company built the first factory to manufacture nitroglycerin and dynamite. In 1867, Nobel received U.S. patent number 78,317 for his invention of dynamite. To be able to detonate the dynamite rods, Nobel also improved his detonator (blasting cap) so that it could be ignited by lighting a fuse.  In 1875, Nobel invented blasting gelatine, which was more stable and powerful than dynamite  and patented it in 1876. In 1887, he was granted a French patent for  ballistite, a smokeless  blasting powder  made from nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine. While Ballistite was developed as a substitute for black gunpowder, a variation is used today as a  solid fuel rocket propellant. Biography On October 21, 1833, Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden. His family moved to St. Petersburg in Russia when he was nine years old. Nobel prided himself on the many countries he lived in during his lifetime and considered himself a world citizen. In 1864, Albert Nobel founded Nitroglycerin AB in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1865, he built the Alfred Nobel Co. Factory in Krà ¼mmel near Hamburg, Germany. In 1866, he established the United States Blasting Oil Company in the U.S. In 1870, he established the Socià ©tà © gà ©nà ©ral pour la fabrication de la dynamite in Paris, France. When he died in 1896, Nobel  stipulated the year before in his last will and testament that 94 percent of his total assets go toward the creation of an endowment fund to honor achievements in  physical science, chemistry, medical science or physiology, literary work and service toward peace.  Hence, the Nobel prize is awarded yearly to people whose work helps humanity. In total, Alfred Nobel held three hundred and fifty-five patents in the fields of electrochemistry, optics, biology, and physiology.

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Final reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Final reflection - Essay Example I thought each and every explanation I made through my words in written was final and there needed no expansion. I therefore always emphasized upon my thesis to be the final. I was however wrong. Today when I have completed my one-year long course in English, I hereby confess that I had no legal grounds behind my claim of being the best. I was just an elementary student of writing. I have completed my course and in the silence of evening standing by the edge of my home-garden, I have to pay thanks to my teachers who corrected my errors and invoked in me the zeal to search out for befitting words while writing. During the introduction of my paper, I had usually no idea that first impression always proves to be the last impression to the reader. I remember that I did not take care for my introductory remarks in my assignment of May 11, 2013 when I used â€Å"hypothesis† instead of â€Å"thesis† which my tutor rejected at once. I was, though in hidden words, told to pay ma ximum attention to the selection of words. I noticed that I had de-tracked my reader by de-tracking the introduction of my paper. I wrote: â€Å"The hypothesis quotes that increase in women education has led to increase in their employment currently and in future† (Writer’s Letter). ... This is what I came to know after I submitted different assignments to my teacher. In the Writer’s Letter, I was told that providing information in the body of the paper is a sensitive thing to do and deliberate provision of false information is the academic crime. I included â€Å"John†, â€Å"Sir Alton† and† Charlie† amongst the characters which were never there in the novel. This was something rash and irresponsible on my part. But what I learned was my resolve not to commit such crimes again and the next of my papers proves that I presented solid information which was up to the satisfaction. I was able to introduce my inner belief in the paper and to my pleasure, the tutor rewarded me with applause when I wrote: â€Å"Through my socialization, I was made to believe in the almighty God who gives life and thus no human intervention would prolong or shorten the life span of humans unless God does it†. I was encouraged I must be critical while explaining different aspects of things. Thus I learned that for the best work, one must try not to conceal any information nor provide false data instead be critical and open-hearted. Lot to pay thanks to my teachers; they produced in me the zeal to write better. Due to their timely and again guidance, my phrases got much better than they used to be in the past. In fact my expressions went improving with the continuous attention of my teachers. The same is evident in my academic writings where my errors lessened with every next assignment. I was able to produce in me the capability to shape my ideas and views into an excellent learning piece. I could not imagine I would ever be able to exploit beautiful sentences in support of my view. Earlier I

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English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 36

English - Essay Example This mortality rate inspires her to write mostly on death. Today’s writers are inspired by her ability to write on this responsive painful subject in a creative invented way. The ‘sweat-shop’ in the torment building is a meeting point for the Jewish population. The Jews try to socialize since they are common immigrants. However, there exist social and economic differences that divide the Jewish community. The writer tries to explain the ways to live in America in relation to work and romance. It brings out the concept of faith by clearly mentioning conviction as the best way to prosper in America. "They read the Tuesday Psalm in the synagogue this morning, but I should have read the Monday one." Cahan urges that assimilation is as a result of industrialization. Many Jews worked for the industries and from the work place many families’ dynamics were learnt. Immigrants are forced to learn English in America so as to fit in the society. Themes of creation of wealth, hope, gender and Christianity are mainly focused. The urge for being rich for the poor is shown by Deborah who steals money. Hugh is jailed after being caught with the money as indicated by this quote: â€Å"Hugh Wolfe, operative in Kirby & Johns Loudon Mills. Charge, grand larceny. Sentence, nineteen years hard labor in penitentiary.† This shows how the poor take futile attempts so as to acquire wealth. Development in gender balance is depicted majorly by Karl statute who is a hero in the story. Hugh’s femininity with strength in the struggle to make a living gives hope to future equality in gender. Hope is considered worthless in the story if the social status remains as it is. The writer insists that for hope to be instilled back, reforms must be of Christian norms. Christianity is depicted as the major theme in the story as seen in the last line of the story; God has set the promise of the Dawn. The argument is that Christianity serves as the only hope in the