Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Yuan Dynasty is the Golden Age of Chinese Drama Research Paper

The Yuan Dynasty is the Golden Age of Chinese Drama - Research Paper Example This essay highlights that  the woman decides to take her own life rather than join the rival forces. A goose symbolizing her soul, then haunts her empty chambers. However , the Khan leaders after discovering the evil intent of the courtier Mao Yen-Shou, decides to make peace with the Han Emperor by sending him the courtier to take revenge for his fallen woman. An analysis into the play also reveals the use of self identification and explanatory monologue witnessed from characters in the play. An example is that when a character in the play is invited, he starts by revealing his identity   and telling background. Moreover, the structure of the play reveals use of alternative prose   and verse.  As the discussion declares  the role type used in the play is limitation to one single role because, for example, one character in the play is used in singing songs present in the play all through the way. Lastly, the play also demonstrates the use of recapitulation almost all charac ters in the play recapture the happenings in the previous scene before proceeding to the actions of the present scene. Moreover, the play deploys the use of four-act division   and the wedge in its structure. It includes four acts and one short unit known as the wedge.

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