Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Change of Female's Role in the Society Essay

The Change of Female's Role in the Society - Essay Example Whatever the exact cause, women are assuming more roles in society. The traditional woman limited herself to household chores and nurturing children. The other role involved supporting her husband emotionally to ensure he succeeded in his projects. The males took care of more tasking responsibilities. Men provided families with basic needs and ensured security to their families. Boys learnt the responsibilities expected of them at a tender age. Society also instilled girls with values that made them better nurturers. According to Makow, the traditional woman assumed the passive role in a family. However, times have changed and the female role in the family, workplace, and society has changed. The modern female does not rely completely on the man for provision of basic needs and security, while she submits passively. Contrary to the traditional females, the modern woman seeks to have a voice in making family decisions. Although still a nurturer, she takes other responsibilities and de mands equal treatment from her husband. Women realize the need for shared responsibilities in times when most economies of the world are declining. In many societies, there is rising pressure to live comfortable lives and give children quality upbringing. In such societies, a man cannot fulfill such responsibilities singlehandedly. In a society that promotes equal education opportunities for all children regardless of being male or female, women cannot sit idle with their skills. Therefore, they seek job opportunities as their male counterparts. Therefore, women contribute to family progress financially. However, critics argue that this contribution comes at the price of neglecting their responsibility as nurturers. According to Walravens, the modern woman tries to strike a healthy balance between motherhood and career (2011:2). Some societies do not believe that a woman can run both, effectively. However, the era for working women is here and society should appreciate their contrib ution. The modern female competes for senior positions in the workplace. She is more confident and is ready to take up the challenging responsibility, traditionally reserved for men. The modern female has to rise over any inferiority and vie for leadership positions. According to a study in the United Kingdom, women have better qualities that would transform the leadership systems today (Hudson R&D, 2008:3). Women of the c-level proved to be better leaders; they displayed competitive decision-making, strategic planning and critical thinking and were result-oriented, just like men. Due to their ability to consider more typically female characteristics involving altruism and openness, they scored higher in leadership. Data like this should help society realize that women maybe the transformational leaders, society urgently needs. Women pursue any career of their interest and are proving efficient in their jobs. The female is more assertive in the society today. Women are more vocal in demanding equal treatment in society. The modern woman wants society to realize that time has proved tradition wrong and that she is not inferior to man. Society should accord females more respect and appreciation for the sacrifices they make to make families a success while they are pursuing demanding careers. More women engage in politics and demand equal representation in governments. The law provides for equal representation for women in parliaments. A good number of women today hold

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