Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Informational interview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Informational interview - Assignment Example Accordingly, there is someone I know who is doing just that. Bryan Koszoru is a 3D artist at Sony Computer Entertainment and an instructor of zbrush details and 3D environment modeling at Otis College of Art and Design. I chose him because of the teaching profession mainly, and then because of his other â€Å"work† or activities outside the college. I love the idea of acting as a guide to individuals interested in art, and helping them tap into their creativity. This is probably why I see teaching as a very noble profession. Teaching is an art in itself, and to teach art makes it double art. I knew Bryan from the two classes I had under him. The interview was very casual, yet insightful. He was like a mentor trying to give tips to his protege. The interview provided me with more ammunition not only in my desire to teach, but in my whole personal and professional art life. It is good because I know there will come a time when I will look back and remember some of Bryan's statem ents and advices, and have an easier time with certain situations due to what I learned from him in this interview. II. On Bryan Koszoru The interview with Bryan Koszoru was light and entertaining. I asked a couple of questions regarding his work history so that I will be able to get an idea of how he started as an artist. It is interesting to note that his first job ever was because of a recommendation from a fellow student. This made me look back at the networking events I went to and decided that they might really prove to be significant in the very near future. Bryan's training had mainly been in advertising, since he is into 3D ever since. He admits to have felt the usual boredom and frustration from his job then, not because he does not like what he is doing, but perhaps because he has not attained the level of mastery that he wants for himself then. He says that what prepared him for the job and made him succeed is his perseverance. He claims to just keep pushing on no matter what and despite the ennui he felt. He states that it is not talent that helps him in his line of work, but character. He says that aside from perseverance, there is also curiosity. He is always trying to find a better or faster way do do things. He says that those two characteristics are very much needed in his work right now. Yet, he knows that character alone won't do the job. That is why he also works on keeping his art talents and skills current. He practices, not only his hands, but also his other senses. He watches movies a lot, plays games a lot, and maintains that art is like life for him since he tries to incorporate art in anything he does. That's what keeps him practicing all the time --- sometimes even unconsciously. He further states that it takes a long time to make great work no matter how good a person is, so patience and perseverance should always be there. For him, a typical day is mostly about art and working. He says he goes to work, and either make assets or w ork on back end engine improvements for the studio. What he likes most about his job is the people he works with. He mentions that working around smart and motivated, and possibly creative, people is one of the best things about his job. The only downside perhaps is that it is still a job and he just can't run off and do whatever he wants anytime he wants. When asked what he can recommend to someone who wants to pursue a career in this path, he mentioned mastery at one thing. He emphasized picking a

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