Thursday, July 25, 2019

(find Article about training and summarize) Essay

(find Article about training and summarize) - Essay Example Regardless of the sport-required metabolic demands, many coaches have continually stuck to the strategy. Most sporting activities do not require continuous sub-maximal movements. However, these sports require periods of high-intensity effort comprising of maximal bursts of speed and durations of minimal activity. Aerobic interval training concentrates on the provision of more sport-detailed training intensity. It ensures that an athlete enjoys greater training stimuli that can be utilized in the muscles, and applied in specific sporting activities. Aerobic interval training can also apply advanced methods for gaining endurance, particularly for some athletes seeking to achieve continuity in aerobic fitness levels (Ballantyne, 2006). In such cases, intensity of training is higher those of common aerobic training sessions. In fact, during the first attempts, exercise stimulus may be damaging to the muscles, and can lead to muscle soreness as the training sessions continues in later days. It is, therefore, essential that athletes should be advised to develop endurance and muscle strength prior to the inception of full blown training sessions. To be able to achieve that, it is highly suggested that athletes participate in special, short term programs of aerobic exercises before the start of intense exercises. During the first two weeks of intense training, program should be conservative in nature (Ballantyne, 2006). This implies that, the training volume should be between 3 and 5 intervals so as to accustom the athletes’ joints and muscles to the intensity. Additionally, a specific and thorough warm up warm-up should be performed on top of pre and post-training flexibility routines. It is paramount to provide complete and adequate rest intervals between the training sessions. Such periods are necessary so as to enable sufficient recovery, and enhance high power output during the next training

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