Monday, July 29, 2019

Business Letter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Letter - Assignment Example Business correspondence letters serve as a way of maintaining a cordial real relationship between the business and their customers. With globalization and international trade, business people are able to do business with each other while miles away from each other. Business correspondences letters help maintain a proper professional relationship between the two parties. The customers can write to the business in order to make any enquiries on the products and sources, and the business can in turn respond and offer the necessary information that the customer requires. This further helps in maintaining the business relationship at an international level. Secondly, I believe that business correspondence is a proper way of ensuring evidence for future reference. It is rather irrational to expect a business person to memorize all facts and information that may be exchanged via face to face conversation. When problems arise in the future, the business correspondence may serves as evidence and proof for both parties. Third, in my experience, I believe that business letters are an inexpensive way of communication, especially in international trade where the two parties may be too far apart. Although there are other modes through that the business partners may communicate such as telephone and fax, business information can be provided and obtained through letters. In addition, information on the product and the market itself is crucial for ensuring company survival in a highly competitive market. It would be irrational to expect the company obtain the necessary information required physically, especially in the international trade scenario. The end result will most likely be wastage of time in something likely not to achieve anything productive for the organization (Lindsell-Roberts, 2006). Through the use of business letters, the business man is capable of making enquiries globally on the product.

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