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Summary of Ethan Brand by Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay example -- Ethan B

Summary of Ethan taint by Nathaniel Hawthorne In the short story Ethan Brand, Ethan Brand lusts for knowledge that leads him on a seeking for the unpardonable sin. The unpardonable sin, as one may interpret, is pride and self-gain. It is a loss of the brotherhood with man, and a loss of respect for God. Once this knowledge is gained, he faces alienation from all those around him. In searching for this sinful knowledge, Ethan Brand leads himself into intellectual isolation. He cannot separate his head from his heart, his intellect from his soul. After tending the kiln, in solitude for so long, his thoughts became his only company, as did the flames that danced in his eyes. Over come with the urge to seek knowledge, he falls to temptation. Adam and Eves downfall was in knowledge, as was Ethan Brands fall. His sin is best described as, The sin of intellect that triumphed over the sense of brotherhood with man and reverence for God and sacrificed everything to its own mig hty claims. Upon leaving for his twenty-year journey, Brand becomes deranged in the eyes ...

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Humility Among the Kung! Essay -- essays research papers

Humility is a valuable attribute in the share of an individual, in society and in a culture. Cultivating this value in can be learned through psychological exercise, misfortune, costly mistakes, and various other methods. much(prenominal) was the case with Ontah, the anthropologist in the story, Eating Christmas in the Kalahari.As an expression of gratitude towards the Kung Bushmen and there families for there cooperation, Ontah purchased the largest meatiest ox he could find for the Christmas festivities. After living with the Kung Bushmen for three years, with buzz off and observation of the Tswana-Herrero custom of slaughtering an ox for Christmas, makes it apparent that Ontahs ox was not the choice of a novice. As the word circulated around the village of his polite gesture, he was baffled by the accusations that he had chosen an ox that was worthless and amounted to nothing more than a bag of bones. Ontah carefully measured this ox before he bought it. This ox was five feet high at the shoulders, five feet across the horns and estimated at 1200 pounds. According to his expert consumption calculations this ox was large enough to feed all man, women and child of the 150 Bushmen in that area So how could it be said by everyone in the village that his choice of ox was skin and bones, would dampen the uplift of the festivities and since it was not enough to go around it would most likely cause a fight between rivals among the Bushmen, who would accuse one another of ...

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Internet Addicts in Danger Essay -- Technology Computers Communication

Internet Addicts in DangerInternet impose retinue have become a devastating disadvantage to the social fundamental interaction and growth of people in the world. More and more of the worlds youth argon becoming addicted to Internet chat entourage. Not alone are Internet chat room relationships leading to impersonal contact of people hiding flaws behind anonymity, they are leading to the abduction of many underage individuals. In an article published in The Age, a magazine in Melbourne, Australia, Doctor Mubarak Rahamathulla has researched teenagers that have become pathologically addicted to Internet chat rooms. Rahamathulla argues that this addiction could pervert their social skills as well as their ability to form intimate relationships. Rahamathulla says that The young people who are introverts who are having difficulties establishing a rapport with others are discharge to go deeper into these kinds of forums to interact with others, that will further shrink their social net work. In Rahamathullas research he found that while Internet chat rooms are not the ideal form of communication for most of these addicted teens, it is better than no interaction at all. The research revealed that these teens are lonely, usually unpopular and that chat rooms contribute to some teenagers fearing one on one situations. Internet chat rooms do not seem like they are targeting this specific demographic, when it is considered that there are chat rooms for basically every interest any human in the world could think of. So, if Internet chat rooms are not targeting lonely, unpopular teenagers, but those are for the most part the people becoming addicted to these chat rooms, are these chat rooms making the people who are interested in them addicted and lonely ... ...there is no immediate solution for the fuss that is at hand. But it is a problem that needs to be addressed. Internet chat rooms are making the worlds youth into anti-social, lonely people. Internet chat rooms a re enticing children to go out and meet much older people that they should not be associating with and no one is stopping them. Parents and Internet companies both need to make forceful changes for the benefit of the worlds youth. Works CitedBarr, Elizabeth Face the Music. 17 January. 2003 BCT Reporter Should there be tighter laws governing the Internet?. UK Newsweek Regional Press. 25 July. 2003 Bruce, Iain fishing net Stalking from the erotic to the pornographic, sex on the Internet is booming. The Sunday Herald. 8 December. 2002 Nader, Carol Introvert Internet Addicts and Social Risk. The Age. 2 October. 2003 Statistics

Existentialism In The Early 19th Century :: essays research papers

Existentialism in the Early 19th CenturyMajor ThemesBecause of the diversity of positions associated with existentialism, the termis impossible to circumscribe precisely. Certain themes common to virtually allexistentialist writers can, however, be identified. The term itself suggests onemajor theme the stress on concrete individual foundation and, consequently, onsubjectivity, individual freedom, and resource.Moral IndividualismMost philosophers since Plato have held that the highest ethical good is thesame for everyone insofar as one approaches moral perfection, one resembles otherwise morally perfect individuals. The 19th-century Danish philosopher SrenKierkegaard, who was the first writer to call himself existential, reactedagainst this tradition by insisting that the highest good for the individual isto find his or her declare unique vocation. As he wrote in his journal, I essential finda truth that is true for me . . . the idea for which I can live or die. Otherexistentia list writers have echoed Kierkegaards belief that one must chooseones own way without the aid of universal, objective standards. Against thetraditional view that moral choice involves an objective judgment of right andwrong, existentialists have argued that no objective, rational basis can befound for moral decisions. The 19th-century German philosopher FriedrichNietzsche further contended that the individual must decide which situations areto count asmoral situations.SubjectivityAll existentialists have followed Kierkegaard in stressing the importance ofpassionate individual action in deciding questions of both devotion and truth.They have insisted, accordingly, that personal experience and acting on onesown convictions are essential in arriving at the truth. Thus, the understandingof a situation by person involved in that situation is superior to that of adetached, objective observer. This emphasis on the perspective of the individualagent has also made existentialists suspiciou s of dictatorial reasoning.Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and other existentialist writers have been deliberatelyunsystematic in the exposition of their philosophies, preferring to expressthemselves in aphorisms, dialogues, parables, and other literary forms. Despitetheir antirationalist position, however, most existentialists cannot be verbalize tobe irrationalists in the sense of denying all validity to rational thought. Theyhave held that rational clarity is desirable wherever possible, but that themost important questions in life are not accessible to reason or science.Furthermore, they have argued that even science is not as rational as iscommonly supposed. Nietzsche, for instance, asseverate that the scientificassumption of an orderly universe is for the most part a useful fiction.Choice and CommitmentPerhaps the most prominent theme in existentialist writing is that of choice.Humanitys primary distinction, in the view of most existentialists, is thefreedom to choose.

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What Really Is A Hacker? :: essays research papers

What Really is a Hacker?There is a common misconception among the general public about whatconstitutes a hacker and what hacking is. Hacking is delineate as "gainingillegal entry into a computer system, with the intent to alter, steal, ordestroy data." The validity of this definition is still being debated, only when or soindividuals would find hacking as gaining access to information which shouldbe free to all. Hackers generally follow some basic principles, and hold theseprinciples as the "ethical code." There are too a a couple of(prenominal) basic "Hacker rules" thatare usually viewed by all in this unique group.The principles that hackers abide by are characteristic of most people whoconsider the themselves to be a hacker. The first, which is universally agreedupon is that access to computers should be free and un specifyed. This is notmeant to be a invasion of privacy issue, but rather free use of all computersand what they have to offer. They als o believe that anyone should be able touse all of a computers resource with no restrictions as to what may be accessedor viewed. This belief is controversial, it not only could infringe uponpeoples right to privacy, but give up trade secrets as well. A dark mistrustof authority, some hackers consider authority to be a constriction force. Notall hackers believe in this ethic, but generally authority represents somethingthat would cargo area people from being able to have full access and/or freeinformation.Along with the "ethical code" of hackers there are a few basic "hackingrules" that are followed, sometimes even more closely then there own code. Keepa low profile, no one perpetually suspects the quite guy in the corner. If suspected,keep a lower profile. If accused, simply ignore. If caught, plead the 5th.Hackers consider a computer to be a tool and to limit its accessibility is

What Really Is A Hacker? :: essays research papers

What Really is a Hacker?There is a common misconception among the general public about whatconstitutes a hacker and what hacking is. Hacking is de localiseate as "gainingillegal entry into a computer system, with the intent to alter, steal, ordestroy data." The validity of this definition is still being debated, alone or soindividuals would bring up hacking as gaining access to information which shouldbe free to all. Hackers generally follow some basic principles, and hold theseprinciples as the "ethical code." There are overly a a few(prenominal) basic "Hacker rules" thatare usually viewed by all in this unique group.The principles that hackers abide by are characteristic of most people whoconsider the themselves to be a hacker. The first, which is universally agreedupon is that access to computers should be free and unlimited. This is notmeant to be a invasion of privacy issue, but rather free use of all computersand what they have to offer. They also believe that anyone should be able touse all of a computers resource with no restrictions as to what may be accessedor viewed. This belief is controversial, it not only could infringe uponpeoples right to privacy, but give up trade secrets as well. A abstruse mistrustof authority, some hackers consider authority to be a constriction force. Notall hackers believe in this ethic, but generally authority represents somethingthat would stop people from being able to have full access and/or freeinformation.Along with the "ethical code" of hackers there are a few basic "hackingrules" that are followed, sometimes even more closely then there own code. Keepa low profile, no one ever so suspects the quite guy in the corner. If suspected,keep a lower profile. If accused, simply ignore. If caught, plead the 5th.Hackers consider a computer to be a tool and to limit its accessibility is

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Symbolism of the Forest in the Scarlet Letter

Symbolism of the Forest in The Scarlet Letter In The House of Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorne at one time wrote, For what other dungeon is so dark as ones own heart What jailer so drear as ones self Hawthorne asserts that both individual becomes a hostage of his or her own heart. This idea is displayed throughout The Scarlet Letter to draw how Puritans lived under the constant repression of the Puritan ordination. Puritan society lived by laws that allowed no means of freedom or happiness and kept their citizens under a tight moral law code.The Puritan politeness imprisons members of society to the point where they are crying out for freedom. in that locationfore, hostages of his or her own heart embark on a journey to free themselves. This is displayed continuously in The Scarlet Letter through its use of the afforest. In the impertinent the forest consists of multiple meanings. It serves as another conception apart from the Puritan society, and it provides a haven in which people break free from the social order.Throughout The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne presents the forest as a symbolic direct to exemplify free will, bring forth the natural personalities of the characters, and to represent a dark civilization within the Puritan society. First, the forest is a symbol to symbolise free will in The Scarlet Letter by presenting the forest as a safe haven with no rules or individuals who scrutinize every save universe made. Thus, the townspeople approach the forest to reign free with their desires and longings.For example, Hester longs to meet Dimmesdale and determines that the forest is the safest place as she is allowed to meet with him without the town knowing. As Hester and Dimmesdale pick out each other, it was like the first encounter, in the world beyond the grave, of two spirits who had been intimately connected in their former tone, but now stood coldly (Hawthorne 198). For the first time in seven years they are able to meet with each other in private without needing to worry about being caught. Surrounded by the twilight in the forest, Hester and Dimmesdale slowly start to open up to each other.They freely begin to talk about starting a new life with each other as a family, and Hester slowly starts to become blissful. Hawthornes purpose here is to display how the forest functions as a world of happiness and love, and so the forests role is to create a free world without any fear. The forest allows these two young lovers to freely reunite and be happy together. Where else, the rest of the novel surrounds itself in an aura of gloominess, this one scene in the novel permits Hester and Dimmesdale to be filled with love and joy.Also, during her dialogue with Dimmesdale, Hester impulsively takes off the A upon her chest. It is the first and only time in the novel where Hester allows herself the freedom to remove the badge of shame. She heaved a long, deep sigh, in which the turn on of shame and anguish dep arted from her spirit, oh exquisite relief She had not known the weight, until she felt freedom (Hawthorne 211). The forest lets Hester choose whether she agrees with the Puritan society or if she is against it.Her action of taking the A off represents her choice in breaking apart from the Puritan civilization. The Puritans view the A as a symbol that represents what they deem to be right, and when Hester takes it off her chest she is breaking free from what society thinks about her. Hesters courage to meet with Dimmesdale and the removal of the A represents how the forest exemplifies free will. Secondly, the forest excessively manages to bring out the natural personalities of the characters.One of the characters Hawthorne uses to demonstrate this is Pearl. To Pearl, the forest is her best friend, a place where she is truly accepted. Hawthorne states, The truth seems to be, however, that the mother-forest, and these wild things which it nourished, all recognized a identical wildn ess in the human child (Hawthorne 213). In the forest, Pearl can be as bright and joyful as she wishes because the forest acknowledges her for who she is- a moody, curious, care-free, innocent, and splanchnic child who likewise happens to be a social outcast.The forest also brings out her personality because of her connection with nature. Pearl is the romantic character in the novel due to her personality traits. She enjoys life and is constantly curious about the unexplainable, such as the identity of her father and the A on her mothers chest. In the forest, she is accepted as a friend by all the animals, and the light constantly chases her wherever she goes. The light represents truth and purity. It constantly surrounds Pearl because she is an innocent and also a child who had no doing in the in her parents committed. A second character who brings forth their inner traits in the forest is Hester. Hawthorne uses the forest to give life to Hester and permits Hester to be herself a gain. She is first introduced as a beautiful, compassionate, and honest woman, but as the situation with the A becomes more grave Hester slowly starts to lose the characteristics she once possessed. subsequently seven years of suffering humiliation and punishment, Hester covers her hair under a cap and her beauty and warmth are now out of sight beneath the A on her chest.However upon her secret rendezvous with the reverend, Hester takes off the cap on her head and all at once the air about her gradually starts to change. She becomes the person she once was, and her sex, her youth, her whole richness of her beauty, came back from what men call the irrevocable past, and clustered themselves, with her maiden hope, and a happiness before unknown, within the magic circle of this minute (Hawthorne 212). She regains her sexuality, and not only does she become the person she was seven years ago, but symbolically, she removes the strict moral code of the Puritan society.Even though it is for a short level of time, the forest gives her the audacity to be herself again. The last character who brings forth their natural personality in the novel is Dimmesdale. He starts to regain himself in the forest upon his opposition with Hester, and for the first time in the novel, Dimmesdale is happy and optimistic. Just as Hester and Dimmesdale are conversing about their escape to restart their lives with Pearl, Dimmesdale begins to believe in happy endings and his concern for what society desires dissolves for a moment in the woods.The forest, in the end, brings out the natural individuality of the characters of Pearl, Hester, and Dimmesdale. Finally, the forest serves as a symbol to represent a dark civilization on the outskirts of the Puritan society. Hawthorne does this by presenting the readers with the bilgewater of the Black Man in the forest. All throughout the novel, the Black Man of the forest is mentioned at various points. The story of the Black Man represents a s ense of superstition and true temptation in the novel.Pearl states that the Black Man is an interesting figure who haunts this forest, and carries a book with him- a big, heavy book, with iron claps and how the ugly Black Man offers his book and an iron pen to everybody that meets him here among the trees (Hawthorne 193). Symbolically, the Black Man represents the devil and writing ones name in his book indicates submission to the devil and succumbing to sin. Hawthorne uses this story to display a darker world in the Puritan society and how certain characters are performing the devils advocate.It presents how another world filled with evil spirits and sin lies inside the Puritan society. Another example to signify the symbolism of the forest as a dark world inside the Puritan society is with the character of Mistress Hibbins. She is known as the sister of Governor Bellingham and as the town witch. After Hesters meeting with the Governor, Mistress Hibbins approaches Hester and inquir es if she would like to join her in the forest at night. She asks, Wilt thou go with us tonight?There will be a merry company in the forest and I wellnigh promised the Black man that comely Hester Prynne should make come (Hawthorne 12). This question illustrates the detestation and secrecy of the forest. Mistress Hibbins clearly indicates the forest as the meeting place because in that respect are no ears to listen to them chant their magic spells and nor are there eyes in the forest to scrutinize their actions. Hawthorne uses this scene to hint that there are supernatural qualities among individuals and the town.The forest demonstrates how it symbolizes the darkness within the Puritan society by using the Black Man of the forest and Mistress Hibbins. In the end, the significance of the forest in The Scarlet Letter is immense. The forest represents freedom and darkness hidden inside the Puritan society. It also allows the characters to become themselves again. As Hawthorne said in The House of Seven Gables, humans are the prisoners of his or her own heart and they hear escape from it. In The Scarlet Letter, the forest was the one place where any individual was allowed the opportunity to escape.

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Indian Schools

Native American Assimilation into Western Culture Throughout the 1800s and the early 1900s, the American government attempted to steep Native American children into the Western farming, with all the best intentions (Marr Intro). Through primary coil and secondary sources, we learn how this was done and the mistakes they made in doing it. Primary sources, which are documents or other sources of information created at or near the time an event occurred, are an essential part in understanding history.There are many primary sources in the essay Assimilation Through Education Indian Boarding Schools in the Pacific northwestward by Carolyn J. Marr including moviegraphs, transcripts, journal entries, and government documents. The use of photographs has many advantages and disadvantages. Photographs are fairly accurate in describing an event. It gives the reader plenty of evidence and a feel for how the subjects were feeling during the event by showing emotions or facial nerve expressio ns that could not be expressed through written word.On the other hand, they could be very biased as to show the harshest or best conditions possible. A photo is just a brief snapshot of a moment in time, and does not illustrate a whole event that a diary or journal might tell. Also, a photographer may be biased towards their own personal views, age, religion, social, economic, or political background all of which may figure out what he or she will or wont photograph. Lastly, it is also not always clear where a photo was taken, why, and by whom. Secondary sources certify to serve a very important role in interpreting history.They include documents, books, or articles, through interpretations by historians. Some books and documents used in Marrs essay are Carey C. Collins Oregons Carlisle Teaching America? at Chemawa Indian School, Carey C. Collins Through the Lens of Assimilation Edwin L. Chalcraft and Chemawa Indian School, and Michael C. Colemans American Indian Children at Schoo l. These sources explain the governments efforts to assimilate (the act of becoming part of something) Indians, particularly children, into the melting pot of American society. This took perspective from the 1800s through the 1920s (Marr Intro).I believe it was necessary for the government to attempt to introduce Indians into the American culture, but I do not believe they did it correctly. Greatening education, broadening phantasmal and cultural views, and creating strong bonds between other students were some of the advantages of this movement. Kids also received running water, electricity, decent food and clean clothes. Unfortunately, the evil done greatly outweighed the good. They take children away from their parents and it was done so rapidly, it didnt allow Indians to try and move themselves and their children into western culture.Taking away their free will, tearing them away from their parents, offering piteous diets, overcrowding schools, poor medical attention, and ex cessive forced labor by the students proved to be some of the mistakes made by the governments push into the American culture (Marr Part V). The institutions stressed work-related training to benefit the institution rather than the children, similar to slavery. It allowed the institutions to spend less by forcing free labor onto the children in fields such(prenominal) as farming, cooking, cleaning, blacksmithing, carpentry, etc. Marr Part IV). This reduced the hired work required to run the large institutions. This type program allowed the students to learn trade one inescapably to survive, but for those who had ambitions to become something more, the institution would not allow it (Marr Part IV). In closing, Native American culture was attacked by our government in an attempt to recrudesce their lives. Unfortunately, they provided an atmosphere of slavery and oppression in the most literal interpretation of the words. Works Cited Collins, Carey C. Oregons Carlisle Teaching Americ a? t Chemawa Indian School, Columbia The Magazine of Northwest History, Tacoma Washington State Historical Society, Summer 1998. Collins, Carey C. Through the Lens of Assimilation Edwin L. Chalcraft and Chemawa Indian School, Oregon Historical Quarterly v. 98, no. 14 (Winter 1997-98) 390-425. Coleman, Michael C. American Indian Children at School, 1950-1930. Jackson University Press of Mississippi, 1993. Marr, Carolyn J. Assimilation Through Education Indian Boarding Schools in the Pacific Northwest. UW Libraries Digital Collections. Web. 09 Sept. 2010. .

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Frostbite Chapter 19

NineteenI HATE BEING POWERLESS. AND I nauseate going down with go forth a oppose. What had taken place forbiddenside in the alley hadnt been a real fight. If it had- if Id been beaten into submission well, yeah. Maybe I could concur that. Maybe. But I hadnt been beaten. Id however gotten my hands dirty. Instead, Id gone restly.Once they had us sitting on the floor of the van, theyd bound distributively of our hands behind our abidewards with flex-cuffs- strips of plastic that cinched together and held nevertheless as well as everything made of metal.After that, we rode in near silence. The work force occasionally murmured something to each former(a), speaking in any case softly for any of us to hear. Christian or Mia might have been able to understand the words, but they were in no position to communicate anything to the proportion of us. Mia looked as terrified as she had out on the street, and while Christians business concern had rapidly given way to his typical hau ghty anger, even he didnt withstand act out with opposes nearby.I was glad for Christians self-control. I didnt doubt any of these men would smack him if he got out of line, and neither I nor the other novices were in a position to stop them. That was what really drove me crazy. The instinct to protect Moroi was so deeply ingrained in me that I couldnt even pause to agitate about myself. Christian and Mia were the focus. They were the ones I had to get out of this mess.And how had this mess started? Who were these guys? That was a mystery. They were human, but I didnt believe for an instant that a group of dhampirs and Moroi had been random puss victims. Wed been targeted for a reason.Our captors made no attempts to blindfold us or conceal our route, which I didnt take as a good sign. Did they think we didnt know the urban center well enough to retrace our steps? Or did they figure it didnt matter since we wouldnt be leaving wherever they were taking us? All I sense was that w e were driving away from downtown, off toward a more suburban bea. Spokane was as dull as Id imagined. Unthe handles of where pristine white snow lay in drifts, slushy gray puddles lined the streets and dirty patches dotted the lawns. There were also a lot fewer evergreen trees than I was used to. The scraggly, leafless broad-leaved trees here seemed skeletal by comparison. They only added to the mood of impending doom.After what felt like less than an hour, the van turned down a quiet cul-de-sac, and we drove up to a very ordinary- yet large- residence. Other houses- identical in the way suburban homes often are- stood nearby, which gave me hope. Maybe we could get some help from the neighbors.We pulled inside the garage, and once the door was back down, the men ushered us into the house. It looked a lot more interesting on the inside. Antique, claw-footed sofas and chairs. A large, saltwater fish tank. Swords cut through all over the fireplace. One of those stupid modern art paintings that consisted of a few lines splayed across the ratvas.The part of me that have sexed destroying things would have liked to study the swords in detail, but the chief(prenominal) floor wasnt our destination. Instead, we were led down a narrow flight of stairs, down to a basement as large as the floor above. Only, unlike the of import floors open space, the basement was sectioned off into a series of halls and closed doors. It was like a rats maze. Our captors led us through it without hesitation, into a small inhabit with a concrete floor and unpainted drywall.The furniture inside consisted of several very uncomfortable-looking wooden chairs with slatted backs- backs that proved to be a convenient place for rebinding our hands. The men seated us in such a way that Mia and Christian sat on one side of the room, and the rest of us dhampirs sat on the other. One guy- the leader, apparently- watched carefully as one of his henchmen bound Eddies hands with new flex-cuffs. These are the ones you especially have to watch, he warned, nodding toward us. Theyll fight back. His look travelled first to Eddies face, then Masons, and then mine. The guy and I held each others gaze for several moments, and I scowled. He looked back over at his associate. Watch her in particular.When wed been restrained to his satisfaction, he barked out a few more orders to the others and then left the room, shutting the door loudly behind him. His steps echoed through the house as he walked upstairs. Moments later, silence fell.We sat there, staring at each other. After several minutes, Mia whimpered and started to speak. What are you going to- Shut up, growled one of the men. He took a warning step toward her. Blanching, she cringed but still looked as though she might say something else. I caught her eye and shook my head. She stayed silent, eyes wide and a slender tremble to her lip.Theres nothing worse than waiting and not knowing whatll happen to you. Your own imaginati on can be crueler than any captor. Since our guards wouldnt talk to us or tell us what was in store, I imagined all sorts of horrible scenarios. The guns were the obvious threat, and I found myself pondering what a bullet would feel like. Painful, presumably. And where would they shoot? by the heart or the head? Quick death. But somewhere else? Like the stomach? That would be slow and painful. I shuddered at the thought of my life eject out of me. Thinking of all that blood put me in mind of the Badica house and maybe having our throats slit. These men could have knives as well as guns.Of course, I had to wonder why we were still alive at all. Clearly they wanted something from us, but what? They werent asking for information. And they were human. What would populace want with us? Usually the most we feared from humans was either running into crazy slayer types or those who wanted to experiment on us. These seemed like neither.So what did they want? Why were we here? Over and o ver, I imagined more awful, gruesome fates. The looks on my friends faces showed I wasnt the only one who could envision creative torments. The smell of sweat and fear filled the room.I lost brood of time and was suddenly jolted out of my imaginings when footsteps sounded on the stairs. The lead captor stepped into the hall. The rest of the men straightened up, tension crackling virtually them. Oh God. This was it, I realized. This was what wed been waiting for.Yes, sir, I heard the leader say. Theyre in here, just like you wanted.Finally, I realized. The person behind our kidnapping. Panic shot through me. I had to escape. allow us out of here I yelled, straining at my bindings. Let us out of here, you son of a- I stopped. Something inside of me shriveled up. My throat went dry. My heart wanted to stop. The guard had returned with a man and a woman I didnt recognize. I did, however, recognize that they were Strigoi.Real, live- well, figuratively speaking- Strigoi. It all sudden ly clicked together. It wasnt just the Spokane reports that had been true. What wed feared- Strigoi working with humans- had come true. This changes everything. Daylight wasnt off the hook(predicate) anymore. None of us were safe anymore. Worse, I realized these must be the rogue Strigoi- the ones who had attacked the dickens Moroi families with human help. Again, those horrible memories came to me bodies and blood everywhere. Bile rose in my throat, and I tried to shift my thoughts from the past to the present situation. Not that that was any more reassuring.Moroi had pale skin, the kind of skin that blushed and burned easily. But these vampirestheir skin was white, chalky in a way that made it look like the result of a bad befuddleup job. The pupils of their eyes had a red ring around them, driving home what monsters they were.The woman, actually, reminded me of Natalie- my poor friend whose father had convinced her to turn Strigoi. It took me a few moments to figure out what t he resemblance was because they looked nothing alike. This woman was short- likely human before becoming Strigoi- and had brown hair with a bad highlighting job.Then it hit me. This Strigoi was a new one, much as Natalie had been. It didnt commence obvious until I compared her with the Strigoi man. The Strigoi womans face had a little life in it. But his his was the face of death.His face was completely devoid of any sort of warmness or gentler emotion. His expression was cold and calculating, laced with malicious amusement. He was tall, as tall as Dimitri, and had a slender frame that indicated hed been Moroi before changing over. Shoulder-length drab hair framed his face and stood out against the bright scarlet of his dress shirt. His eyes were so dark and brown that without the red ring, it would have been almost out of the question to tell where pupil ended and iris began.One of the guards shoved me stiff, even though Id been silent. He glanced up at the Strigoi man. You want me to gag her?I suddenly realized Id been hunching into the back of my chair, unconsciously trying to get as far away from him as possible. He realized this too, and a thin, toothless smile crossed his lips.No, he verbalize. His voice was silky and low. Id like to hear what she has to say. He raised an eyebrow at me. Please. Continue.I swallowed.No? Nothing to add? Well. Do feel idle to pipe up if something else comes to mind.Isaiah, exclaimed the woman. Why are you keeping them here? Why havent you just contacted the others?Elena, Elena, Isaiah murmured to her. Behave yourself. Im not going to pass up the chance to enjoy myself with two Moroi and He walked behind my chair and lifted my hair, making me shudder. A moment later, he peered at Mason and Eddies necks as well. three unblooded dhampirs. He talk those words with an almost happy sigh, and I realized hed been looking for guardian tattoos.Strolling over to Mia and Christian, Isaiah rested a hand on his hip as he stud ied them. Mia could only meet his eyes for an instant before looking away. Christians fear was palpable, but he managed to return the Strigois scrutiny. It made me proud.Look at these eyes, Elena. Elena walked over and stood beside Isaiah as he spoke. That pale blue. Like ice. Like aquamarines. You almost never get that outside of the royal houses. Badicas. Ozeras. The occasional Zeklos.Ozera, said Christian, trying very hard to sound fearless.Isaiah tilted his head. Really? Surely not He leaned closer to Christian. But the age is rightand that hair He smiled. Lucas and Moiras son?Christian said nothing, but the confirmation on his face was obvious. I knew your parents. Great people. Unparalleled. Their deaths were a shame but, well I daresay they brought that on themselves. I told them they shouldnt have gone back for you. Would have been wasteful to awaken you so young. They claimed they were going to just keep you around and waken you when you were older. I warned them that that would be a disaster, but, well He gave a delicate shrug. Awaken was the term Strigoi used among themselves when they changed over. It sounded like a religious experience. They wouldnt listen, and disaster met them in a different way.Hatred, deep and dark, boiled behind Christians eyes. Isaiah smiled again.Its kinda touching that you should find your way to me after all this time. Perhaps I can realize their dream after all.Isaiah, said the woman- Elena- again. Every word out of her mouth seemed like a whine. Call the others- Stop giving me orders Isaiah grabbed her shoulder and shoved her away- except that the labour knocked her across the room and almost through the wall. She just plunderly threw her hand out in time to stop the impact. Strigoi had better reflexes than dhampirs or even Moroi her lack of grace meant hed completely caught her off guard. And really, hed barely touched her. The push had been light- yet it had packed the force of a small car.This further enforced my belief that he was in another class altogether. His strength beat hers by magnitudes. She was like a fly he could swat away. Strigoi power increased with age- as well as through the consumption of Moroi blood and, to a lesser extent, dhampir blood. This guy wasnt just old, I realized. He was ancient. And hed drunk a lot of blood over the years. Terror filled Elenas features, and I could understand her fear. Strigoi turned against each other all the time. He could have ripped her head off if he wanted.She cowered, averting her eyes. I Im sorry, Isaiah.Isaiah smoothed his shirt- not that it had been wrinkled. His voice took on the cold sweetness hed affected earlier. You clearly have opinions here, Elena, and I welcome you voicing them in a civilized manner. What do you think we should do with these cubs?You should- that is, I think we should just take them now. Especially the Moroi. She was clearly working hard not to whine again and annoy him. Unlessyou arent going to throw another dinner political party, are you? Its a complete waste. Well have to share, and you know the others wont be grateful. They never are.Im not making a dinner party out of them, he declared loftily. Dinner party? But Im not killing them yet either. Youre young, Elena. You only think about immediate gratification. When youre as old as me, you wont be so impatient.She rolled her eyes when he wasnt looking.Turning, he swept his gaze over me, Mason, and Eddie. You three, Im afraid, are going to die. Theres no avoiding it. Id like to say Im sorry, but, well, Im not. much(prenominal) is the way of the world. You do have a choice in how you die, however, and that will be dictated by your behavior. His eyes lingered on me. I didnt really get why everyone seemed to be singling me out as the troublemaker here. Well, maybe I did. Some of you will die more painfully than others.I didnt need to see Mason and Eddie to know their fear reverberate mine. I was pretty sure I even heard Eddie whimper .Isaiah abruptly turned on his heels, military-style, and faced Mia and Christian. You two, fortunately, have options. Only one of you will die. The other will live on in glorious immortality. Ill even be kind enough to take you under my wing until youre a little older. Such is my charity.I couldnt help it. I choked on a laugh.Isaiah spun around and stared at me. I fell silent and waited for him to throw me across the room like he had Elena, but he did nothing else but stare. It was enough. My heart raced, and I felt tears brim in my eyes. My fear shamed me. I wanted to be like Dimitri. Maybe even like my mother. After several long, agonizing moments, Isaiah turned back to the Moroi.Now. As I was saying, one of you will be awakened and live forever. But it will not be me who wakens you. You will choose to be awakened willingly.Not likely, said Christian. He packed as much snarky defiance as he could manage into those two words, but it was still obvious to everyone else in the room t hat he was scared out of his mind.Ah, how I love the Ozera spirit, mused Isaiah. He glanced at Mia, his red eyes gleaming. She shrank back in fear. But dont let him upstage you, my dear. Theres strength in common blood, too. And heres how it will be decided. He pointed at us dhampirs. His gazed chilled me all over, and I imagined I could smell the stink of decay. If you want to live, all you have to do is kill one of these three. He turned back to the Moroi. Thats it. Not unpleasant at all. Just tell one of these gentlemen here you want to do it. Theyll release you. Then you drink from them and are awakened as one of us. Whoever does this first walks free. The other will be dinner for Elena and me.Silence hung in the room.No, said Christian. No way am I killing one of my friends. I dont care what you do. Ill die first.Isaiah waved a dismissive hand. Easy to be brave when you arent hungry. Go a few days without any other sustenance and yes, these three will start to look very good. And they are. Dhampirs are delicious. Some prefer them to Moroi, and while I myself have never shared out such beliefs, I can certainly appreciate the variety.Christian scowled.Dont believe me? asked Isaiah. Then let me prove it. He walked back over to my side of the room. I realized what he was going to do and spoke without fully thinking things through.Use me, I blurted out. Drink from me.Isaiahs smug look faltered for a moment, and his eyebrows rose. Youre volunteering?Ive done it before. Let Moroi feed off me, I mean. I dont mind. I like it. Leave the rest of them only if.Rose exclaimed Mason.I ignored him and looked beseechingly at Isaiah. I didnt want him to feed off me. The thought made me sick. But I had given blood before, and Id rather him take pints from me before he touched Eddie or Mason.I couldnt read his expression as he sized me up. For half a second, I thought he might go for it, but instead he shook his head.No. Not you. Not yet.He walked over and stood before Ed die. I pulled against my flex-cuffs so hard that they dug painfully into my skin. They didnt give. No Leave him aloneQuiet, snapped Isaiah, without looking at me. He rested one hand on the side of Eddies face. Eddie trembled and had gone so pale, I thought he would faint. I can make this easy, or I can make it hurt. Your silence will encourage the former.I wanted to scream, wanted to call Isaiah all sorts of names and make all sorts of threats. But I couldnt. My eyes flicked around the room, searching for exits, as I had so many times before. But there were none. Just blank, bare white walls. No windows. The one precious door, always guarded. I was helpless, just as helpless as Id been from the moment theyd pulled us into the van. I felt like crying, more from frustration than fear. What kind of guardian would I be if I couldnt protect my friends?But I stayed quiet, and a look of satisfaction crossed Isaiahs face. The fluorescent fixture lighting gave his skin a sickly, grayish hue, emphasizing the dark circles under his eyes. I wanted to punch him.Good. He smiled at Eddie and held his face so that the two made direct eye contact. Now, you wont fight me, will you?As Ive mentioned, Lissa was good at compulsion. But she couldnt have done this. In seconds, Eddie was smiling.No. I wont fight you.Good, repeated Isaiah. And youll give me your neck freely, wont you?Of course, replied Eddie, tilting his head back.Isaiah brought his mouth down, and I looked away, trying to focus on the threadbare carpet instead. I didnt want to see this. I heard Eddie emit a soft, happy moan. The feeding itself was relatively quiet- no slurping or anything like that.There.I glanced back when I heard Isaiah speak again. alliance dripped from his lips, and he ran his tongue across them. I couldnt see the wound on Eddies neck, but I suspected it was bloody and horrible too. Mia and Christian stared wide-eyed, both with fear and fascination. Eddie gazed off in a happy, drugged haze, high from both the endorphins and the compulsion.Isaiah straightened up and smiled at the Moroi, licking the last of the blood off his lips. You see? he told them, move toward the door. Its just that easy.

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Cultural safety in nursing Essay

The meaning of the term culture in nursing has changed significantly in recent decades. Culture may be seen as the well-read, divided up value and beliefs of a particular group (Spence, 2001). Cultural expression assumes many forms, including language, traditions, stress, pain, anger, sorrow, spirituality, decision making and even world philosophy (Catalano, 2006).Cultural undecomposedty is a butt that involves the individual knowing of their self and their testify culture, becoming awargon of, respectful of, and sensitive to different cultures, asking who is at risk, preventing un safety device situations, and creating a culturally safe environment (Wood and Schwass, 1993).During my first night shift at clinical placement, I provided care for Anna (pseudonym), an 85- year old Maori lady, who was admitted to the ward following suicide attempt, which was related to the sulfur anniversary of her husbands death. She had a 20 year history of depression. On admission Anna was agitate d and fearful, stating that she could not do al more or less anything that was requested of her. She had near disorganized ideas. For example, she thought she would be scalded by meals, or accidentally fall out of a window.We had just finished our handover when Anna rang the bell. I went to her room and found her school term on the chair.Good evening Anna, I said. My name is Parisa. I am your nurse tonight. Anna looked worried and replied I am not sure if I redeem enough clothes. From the handover briefing I had understood that she was worrying about not having enough clothes. So I opened the door of the imperativeness and reassured her that she had plenty of clothes. Then I told her she needed to come back to her bed and have a rest. I helped her get back into the bed.Twenty transactions later, while I was doing the ward check, I heard someone crying. The sound of crying came from Annas room. I went to her room. It was midnight. Anna was lying alone fearful, sad, and depresse d. Left isolated, she wanted to forestall a nurse for help but she didnt know how to explain what she needed. Anna, what happened? I asked. Are you crying? She didnt reply. In this situation, it came into my mind that good remedy communication through the use of touch was very appropriate tocalm her. I held her hand, looked into her eyes, and asked her if she wanted to tell me what she was thinking at the time. She replied I feel I am a horrible person, cant you see that? I said, A horrible person, what I see is a frightened person. You are scared, arent you?She replied, I am so scared of losing everything and everyone I love. Nurse, I am not a good person, I tried to commit suicide. I took an overdose of my pills, and I made my family worry about me. She started to cry again. I listened to Anna and let her speak out all her feelings. I said, I understand you feel it was the wrong thing to do She replied Do you think God will forgive me? I need to cry, I need to pray. With my ey es honor subject of tears I asked her, Would you like it if we prayed together? She looked at me kindly and said Yes, I would like to pray. We held hands, and both of us started to pray in our own languagesLearning and then not acting on what you learn is like ploughing and then never planting (Unknown). When I was in unit 4, we had a Maori Health paper where I gained lot of knowledge about the Maori view of health. This incident with Anna was an occasion in which I put the knowledge I had learned at university into practice.According to Durie (1998) the traditional Maori attitude toward health is one of holism. Health from a Maori perspective has al substances acknowledged the unity of spiritual, emotional, physical, and family aspects. The spiritual perspective is the most necessary perspective for Maori well universe. It is defined as attachment to religious values, but does not have the same meaning as religious beliefs. When spiritual take are met, an individual can function with a meaningful identity and purpose and can relate to reality with hope (Durie, 1998).Nursing is a orbit that professes to address the human person in a holistic manner, focusing on all dimensions of the person body, mind and spirit (Lemmer, 2005). Care of the spirit is a professional nursing responsibility and an intrinsic part of holistic nursing. The holistic nursing perspective requires nurses to view each person as a biopsychosocial being with a spiritual core. Thus, nurses must be sure to address the spiritalong with the other dimensions to provide holistic care (Calatona, 2006, p.403).In my situation, I had to curb Annas desire to pray and practise meaningful rituals. To confirm my assumptions about an underlying cultural issue, I asked Anna in a very respectful way about her cultural beliefs. I realized that Annas religious beliefs could be a vital way in which she expresses her spirituality. I asked her if she would like the service of a Maori Chaplain, and she accepte d. Therefore, during the morning handover I informed Annas primary nurse that Anna wish to be referred to the Maori Chaplain Service. Fourie, Mcdonald, Connor and Bartlett (2005) clearly state that handover is a critical time where stave share information from which to base important decisions about patient care and management, particularly clients who appear unsettled and /or those who require extra intervention. Spiritual interventions have been demonstrated to be significant in the clients recovery from disorder. The dimensions of religious ceremony, prayer and the client, relationship with God have been shown to have positive associations with psychogenic health (Catalano, 2006).Reflecting on this experience I found that my therapeutic communication techniques of presence, and active listening, were very useful. The affective aspects of nursing are related to emotional toss between nurse and patient which includes presentation, active listening, therapeutic communication and d iscussion of spiritual issues (Wichowski, Kubsch, Ladwig & Torres, 2003, p.1122). I used touch to help comfort her distress. Touch is a therapeutic tool which can provide sensory stimulation, induce relaxation, physical and emotional comfort, orient people to reality, improve level of awareness, convey warmth, respect, sensitivity and a powerful expression of a trusting relationship (Crisp & Taylor, 2003).I listened attentively to every single word that Anna said to show that I have a genuine interest in knowing more about her beliefs. Listening attentively and reflectively can help the client feel valued, understood and back up (Mohr, 2003). I have found out that through my active listening to her story, I displayed a caring attitude, and she is already participating in a culturally competent care. A nurse who is ready to listen to his/her patients, respects theircultural and social backgrounds and does not make any stereotypical assumptions delivers a culturally safe practice (Bu nker, 2001).My experience of nursing Anna, and learning how her cultural beliefs affected her mood helped me achieve and develop the skills to be culturally competent in my nursing practice. culturally competent care involves the integration of knowledge, attitude and skills to provide culturally appropriate health care (Mohr, 2003). As I want to be a psychic health nurse, my practice should be culturally appropriate through the sensitive and supportive identification of cultural issues (Australia & New Zealand College of Mental health nursing, 1995). I too learned that one of the skills that a mental health nurse should possess is the ability to integrate cultural perspectives within the delivery of appropriate interventions. This experience alike gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my skill in communicating Annas problem to the primary nurse effectively. It also enhanced my critical thinking skills for I was able to find the link between her beliefs and her illness, and that led to provision of a culturally competent care.

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Bringing Adam Home Essay

Bringing go Home review examines the invention of the decades-long probe into the abduction and complete of 6-year-old Adam Walsh. The police investigation took 27 years to come up guilt of the serial killer, Ottis Toole, who made multiple exculpations to the murder. The book is written by the experienced detective writer Les Standiford with the abet of the retired detective Joe Matthews, who finally found recount of Tooles committing the murder 27 years afterwards. The case of Adam Walsh has influenced the American society in the way that legislatures were made protecting children, and practices were adopted helping set wanting and potentially abducted children. Key words abduction, evidence, investigation, kidnapping, murder.Bringing Adam Home Book ReviewStandiford, L., & Matthews, J. (2011).Bringing Adam home The abduction that changed America. New York, NY Harper Collins. ISBN9780061983900.Bringing Adam Home is the story of the decades-long investigation into the abduct ion and murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh who missed from a local Sears in Hollywood, Florida, on July 27, 1981. The police investigation took 27 years to provoke guilt of the serial killer, Ottis Toole, who made multiple confessions to the murder yet the Hollywood, FL, police department did non believe him and failed to use any of evidences that had been found. The abduction of Adam Walshblew peoples minds and undermined their sense of protection. The American society has never been the same ever since parents did not let their kids p go down alone outside, nor did their ever say Be home by dark a child could be left nowhere unsupervised. It was Adams family bad luck that at that time, there were no Amber Alerts and no national data base for offensives against children.Adams parents, bath andRev Walsh, bent backwards to change the situation. They became renowned crime fighters, propelled the passage of the 1982 Missing Children Act, and John Walsh became a host of the televisio n program Americas Most Wanted (Standiford2011). Adam Walshs kidnapping was not only the most authorized casein American history of missing children that changed the corresponding legislature but also the most famous one. Many people still remember themselves being kids and watching it on the news (Martin, 2011). However, the details of the case are not as well-known as they should be given the coverage in the media.The much emotional side of the story, through the eyes of the Walsh family, is rendered in Tears of Ragewritten by John Walsh (Scott, 2011). The puzzle of the botched investigation that ran over almost three decades was single-minded by the retired Miami detective Joe Matthews and written down by the acclaimed writer Les Standiford, the author of 9 fiction novels and 6 non-fiction books (Standiford, 2001).The authors open their cards in the real germ of the book and introduce the killer, Ottis Toole, right in the second chapter. Toole was a low IQ drifter who set f ires and assaulted people to relieve his psychological pressure. From chapter 2 to 4, the authorsgive a detailed recount of the work of Hollywood detective Hoffman who could not organize his work so not to lose important clues and evidence and who was not very keen on the idea that Toole was the killer. According toMatthews, Hoffman is portrayed as a moody and self-contained investigator who looked like a guy who disapproved of most things on general principle (Standiford, 2001). Apart from disregarded leads and lost evidences, Hoffman also treated Adams parents carelessly not b other(a)ing to inform them that their friend Jimmy Campbell, who was choice suspect, had been cleared.For many years John and RevWalsh received no information from the police as for the investigation of their sons murder. Matthews felt that it was extremely dead on the part of Hoffman. Together with undeveloped enough forensic methods, the case of Adam Walsh advanced by imperceptible pace. As Reve Walsh pu t it It was a sad thing for this country that the fight had to be led by two broken-down parents of a murdered child(Standiford, 2001). The authors underscore that it could not be utter that the Hollywood department was incompetent. Rather that the case was too difficult, and Detective Hoffman turned out to be too snobbish not only to ask for help but also to accept help from Joe Matthews when heoffered it not once. Hoffman was too unstructured and ill-equipped for such mind-bogging case (Standiford, 2001).Det. Serg. Matthews was a lie detector dear and an experiences homicide detective and, being hired by the Hollywood, Fl, Police Department, he was very interested by the case and was ready to use his knowledge to solve the case.Among other things, the difference in approaches of two detectives was that Hoffman was obsessed with finding physical evidences linking Toole to the Adams murder while Matthews believed that circumstantial evidence could make do in some cases. That metic ulous recount of all glaring mistakes of the Hollywood, Fl, police department and the detailed translation of their daily working life had its aim in wake that detectives work is far from the glamorized TV series. Doing on a daily basis such boring chores as searching for a person who moved and did not leave the new address, or surveilling a suspect for many days, exhaust detectives, and the not very dedicated ones let things slide (Standiford, 2011).Standiford and Matthews seem to mention any lead that was not followed, and every report that was incomplete or even falsified.Matthews blames the manner of interrogation when the suspect was let speak without asking necessary questions, and he found the witness who was consistently ignored by Hoffman. The most shocking omission, the reader may consider, was the neglect of the repeated confessions by Toole with a graphic description of the whole process of abduction, murdering, sodomizing, and decapitating of Adam Walsh and the subse quent dismembering and setting ablaze his body. Toole even gave a sensational interview to Jacksonville Times Union where he repeated his confession to the murder of Adam Walsh (Standiford, 2011). Chapters 5 to 6 focus on Matthewss account of how he proceeded with the investigation. It became possible only after Hoffman was transferred to the Patrol Division in 1994 (Standiford, 2011). Matthews spent two years and nine months reviewing the case and adding new materials. In the end,Matthews had multiple eyewitness identification of Toole taking Adam from Sears, twenty-five independent confessions to the crime made by Ottis Toole, and most important of all missed by previous investigators luminal images of machete and luminal outline of a childs face on the carpet of Tooles Cadillac.It finally proved Ottis Toole to be the man who committed the crime. The first part of the book does not make an comfy reading. When Toole gives his numerous confessions to variousdetectives all the sam e details of the murder, rape, and dismembering are repeated ad nauseam, without adding anything new. Because of it, for those readers who like genuine crime stories, the book may seem rather slow. Standiford and Matthews were extremely repetitive in details of the crime itself, its prolonged investigation, the history behind the suspects, and descriptions of Tooles perversions. However, the authors rather had in mind to show how the process of investigation can be dragged for years due to the inability of the police to find hard evidence for the already confessed crime. Standiford, who is an experienced detective writer with a deem of narrative non-fiction stories under his belt, narrates dryly and matter-of-factly, which contributes to the authentic feel of the blood-chilling story.Despite waving their incompetence, Matthews provides a scrupulous evidence of the Hollywood, Fla., police departments negligence, thus do it difficult to believe that behind such an undisciplined beh avior may be anything other than a conspiracy to cover up its incompetence. The authorsaim seems to lay in proving two points. Firstly, the case could have been solved within two years, when Ottis Toole was arrested for arson and confessed repeatedly to the murder of Adam Walsh saying that he was very, very risky that he did it (Standiford, 2011). Secondly, the police department of Hollywood, FL, had a chance to solve the case quickly, had they let do it to Det. Serg. Matthews.Bringing Adam Home is a gruesome story of justice finally served two decades too late. By that time, though, Ottis Toole had died in prison. And our society has changed. Now kids are warned about strangers. No one leaves their kids in the toy sphere of influence and goes shopping anymore. Lawenforcement has transformed its practices to better protect children. Public places have adopted reckon Adam, a powerful search tool for lost and potentially kidnapped children (Code Adam, n.d.). Code Adam is a predeces sor to Amber Alert, a network of notifications to the public through urgent bulletins on television and radio.ReferencesCode Adam.(n.d.). The National center for missing &exploited children. Retrieved from http// Martin, C. (2011, February 09). Book Review Bringing Adam home by Les StandifordWeb log post.Retrievedfromhttp// Scott, M. (2011, February 26). Bringing Adam home offers strong proof in the 1981 murder of Adam Walsh. Retrieved fromhttp// Standiford, L. (2001). BiographyWeb log post.Retrieved from http// Standiford, L., & Matthews, J. (2011).Bringing Adam home The abduction that changed America. New York, NY Harper Collins. E-book

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Advantages and disadvantages of a motorcycle Essay

All over the world are millions of motorcycles. With different shapes, colors, and dimensions. This is a motor vehicle similar to a bicycle only when usually larger and heavier, chiefly for one rider but some times having two saddles or an attached side car for passenger. Also a motorcycle is fun and rattling useful but to a fault dangerous. Motorcycles have many advantages and disadvantages. First, one of the advantages of this kind of vehicle is the gas miles per gallon. Motorcycles have smaller engines so they consume less gas. Therefore, a regular motorcycle usually expends fifty-five miles per gallon.For example if you ride daily ten miles, you have to fill the tank ones distributively with two or thee gallons of fuel. Second, another advantage is that motorcycles have more place facilities. Bikes usually have more parking because they are less popular than cars and also smaller. For example In my college are building a new parking garage but now a days there is no parking f or cars, but there is parking for motorcycles. Third, the last advantage is the maintaining of a motorcycle. Maintaining a motorcycle is very inexpensive. Riders usually change the oil and fix the problems.Perhaps, this service is very inexpensive. Also, the parts of a motorcycle are less expensive than cars. Some bikes just cost the same as just the engine of a car. On the other hand, one of the disadvantages is the weather condition. Riders have to check the weather before the go out because this vehicle dont have roof neither windows that can guard you from the water, iced, and high and low temperatures. Furthermore, another disadvantage is the store space. Motorcycles cant moved big goods. They usually have small compartment that you can storage a backpack or some grocery bags.If you have to move a box or you did a huge shopping, you will need a car. Last but not least, motorcycles are dangerous. This vehicle doesnt have safe systems like air bags or safety belt. Therefore, you are the bumper of the bike. Usually a motorcycle accident is dangerous than a car accident.. To sum up, motorcycles have advantages and disadvantages like good gas millage, more parking spaces and inexpensive maintenance differently they are dangerous, not weather proof and less storage facilities. In my personal opinion, I think that having a motorcycle is awesome but with compliance and attention.

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Impact of Culture on Web Design Essay

Websites allow global product and services distribution through intranets, extranets and internet Websites. Both groups of designers and master key analysts concur that a well-designed user interface is an essential compvirtuosont that improves the appeal and operation of the Web, allowing browsers or tourists to be converted into customers and residents. Recognizing demographic diversity and understanding the users be the two main focus of attention in the user-interface development process. However, these differences may demonstrate worldwide cultures in a global economy. The impact of culture in web content and tools is a factor which companies that aim to engage in online international business should consider.Few all important(predicate) pointers should be regarded. For instance, a person has a favorite website, how might this site be understood in countries like Paris, USA, London, Japan, or India, assuming that enough verbal translation are carried out? on that point might be something in a websites metaphors, interaction, mental model or even the appearance offend or alienate a user. The date, around particularly, the year, is also one of the factors to be considered. For instance, the year is 2000 in early(a) countrys systems it is 1420, 4698 or 5760. The mere counting system might alienate or confuse users of another culture who are using their own native system. Take into account the order in which an individual prefer to retrieve information. If one is planning to travel by train, would he or she want to check the scheduled information first or go over the organization and appreciate its credibility? Diverse cultures look for different information before they come up with decisions.The complex interaction of user, engineering demands, marketing and business must be decided by web user-interface and information designers. However, as they accomplish these tasks, they would do well to consider their own cultural orientation and to analyze the p rocesses and preferred structures of other cultures. This process would serve to reach a more desirable global solutions or to decide as to what degree customized designs might be best than linguistic universal ones.Cultures, especially within other nations, are very different. Colors in Judeo-Christian that are considered sacred are different from the Buddhist and Islam. The designs for background conceal patterns might not be suited in Mediterranean climates or in other countries. All these differences run deeper than mere visual aspects they portray fond cultural values. How might all these differences be translated without getting into the trap of culture-stereotyping?According to Hofstede (as cited in Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc, n.d.), a Dutch cultural anthropologist who developed the cross-cultural theory, it is hard to put up complete criteria pertaining to what is noble from what is disgusting. Bias will always be a factor because the cultural values of the passel are based on their surround and early childhood. Not all in a society meets the cultural pattern but there is adequate demographic regularity to distinguish trends and tendencies. much(prenominal) trends and tendencies must not be perceived in a negative way as if creating negative stereotypes, instead, be identified as patterns of values and thoughts. It is important to collaborate to accomplish practical goals without expecting anyone to believe, think and act identically.Hofstede presented his five dimensions of culture which have implications on web design. If Hofstedes theory becomes recognized for user-interface design, perhaps people need to modify the present practices and develop new instruments. People must make it feasible to produce several website versions in a cost-effective way, mayhap using templates or any versioning instruments. As the web keeps on developing globally, addressing all the concerns using exploration and exploitation, the cultural dimensions will be a unavoidableness and not just one of the options for a successful theory.ReferencesAaron Marcus and Associates, Inc. (n.d.) User interface design. Retrieved April 28, 2009, from http//

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American Democracy Essay

land had its origin in Rome, primary Greece and both South and North America and has gained roots nearly all over the entire existence and states become efficient and effective in there responsibilities if they utilize this concept. I allow for therefore wrangle in this paper the aspect of land in America and the grammatical cases of democracy that is direct and indirect types and run out the one used in this realm particularly in California State. I will alike proceed to mellowedlight both democratic and undemocratic issues in America.Definition of democracyDemocracy is simply defined as government by the people for the people. Essentially it illustrates small units of interrelated structures of administration. query indicates that the primary characteristics of democracy comprise of administrations founded on popular rule, open and just elections, safeguarding political/opinionated minorities, high opinion of fundamental human privileges/rights, and impartiality before rule of law, and opinionated pluralism. (Anthony, 1957)Direct DemocracyThis is the serve of democracy which provides an opportunity to the citizens of a particular country to be involved in decision reservation process directly without depending on legislative bodies who act as there representatives. Many scholars argue that this kindly of democracy is a feeble structure commonly practiced by comparatively small societies.This type of democracy is not only active the issue of voting but also includes referendum. According to the explore I conducted, California state practices this direct democracy as witnessed through the making of decisions using referendum style, for lesson in the year 1998 the citizens of California who numbered twenty million engaged in referendum. (Markoff, 1996)Indirect democracy inappropriate direct democracy representatives or intermediaries of the citizens of a state or nation play a find role in decision making process. These intermediaries are no rmally elected by the citizens and they have the certificate of indebtedness to protect the interest of the electorate because they have the mandate to do so.This kind of democracy has led to the practice of what is termed as representative democracy whereby the citizens elect administration executives who formulate decisions that will represent the interest of those citizens. Representative democratic system is a type of indirect parliamentary government whereby such officials or intermediaries are democratically elected and typically complicated to recall them if they do not carry their duties as required.This form is usually based on a principle called Edmund Burkes which declares that the intermediaries selected should carry their duties based on the sense of what is right and wrong. (Joseph, 1950)Views of versatile scholars on American democracyThere are many people who expressed different views about democracy and include the following Robert A. Dahl who looked at the fundam ental suppositions of democratic hypothesis, experiment them in resistor to the enquiries put forward by it opponents and build the concept of democratic system in to fresh and lucid whole. Dahl deduces that there are various directions that democratic system has to move if superior autonomous countries are to subsist. (Dahl, 1989)Alexis de Tocqueville also had reflective outcomes regarding the theory of democratic organization. Alexis ideas emphasized on the issue of equality cosmos an important ingredient to democracy he further argues that without equality crime cases will rise. He also emphasizes on sovereignty or autonomy of states and also points out the importance of public opinion as the other key ingredients to achieving democracy.Another contributor is Jane Mansbridge who believed on democratic process and she dedicated her political opinions on democracy and equality in America. She argues that equality must prevail in order to achieve umpire and only through democrat ic means that this equality can be realized.Thomas Marshall contributed to democracy in America by working to changing the existing laws then to that rules which embraced democracy for example he worked on voting rights among others. He also emphasized the issue of equality and he said that it propelled the country in the direct direction that is being democratic. He also worked tirelessly in reinforcing substantive equalitarianism in America by guaranteeing that sparkling method of checks and equilibriums among the three divisions of administration put forward in the American constitution was functioning.On his part Richard Hofstadter proposed that both anti-intellectualism and utilitarianism are outcomes experienced faced on the street to democratization of information or knowledge. Hofstadter preliminary worry of function of the institution of higher statement and the scholars in the community developed into an influential appraisal of the current principle of learning and the position of civic education in America. (Johansen, 1996)

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Article Critique Essay

The author of this member is a Canadian who has raise the alarm on the increasing number poverty stricken masses hence springing up of ghettos in big cities. The author rhetorically is asking a question whether in that respect are ghettos in Canadian cities. The author is coming up with many ghetto synonyms but yet they are of not the aforementi atomic number 53d(prenominal) meaning. The boot like enclave sound more heathenishal and it has been described as a grouping of people from the same ethnic group living in a low income earning or a poor neighbourhood.The name pinpoints that in the year 2001 families residing in high poverty levels doubled the year 1981. The message in the article is directed to the authorities in these cities to get warned of a looming crisis and look for ship canal to alter the trend. The message is not has to any group that it mentions that is the people from the enclaves and the ghettos. The article has outlined many causes of ghettos in Canadian cities. Poverty has been rated as the number one cause and this article gives figures from the look to substantiate its claim.The exact time is given when in-migration policy of Canada was changed and the change swung Canada into a cultural and social crisis or socio cultural crisis. According to the authorities and the research that has been carried out immigration puts Canadian cities on spotlight of having many poor neighbourhoods. The author also makes a comparison between Canadian and American cities whereby Canadian cities are going more enclave than ghettos in America.In American cities the traditional definition of a ghetto is a residential district that concentrates racial Enclave tends to collect people of the same ethnic background together while ghettos collect poor people from various ethnic backgrounds. In both cases, people involved are affected by poverty and low income level. From one of the researches that make up been done, the article reveals that an alarm was raised about the growth of neighbourhood poverty in Canada. The article pinpoints groups of people who make up the population who end up to the ghettos.Their background is partly covered by poverty and the article further expose that these are immigrants from Asia, Africa, West Indies and Latin America. The research that was conducted showed that between 1971 and 2001 is the stream when the majority of the Canadian population was born in the back mentioned countries. Nevertheless, some cities like London there are no ghettos and this is due to the efforts of the councils. However, I take the article head to mention that it does not clear outline and show the consequences of the increasing population in ghettos and mushrooming of ghettos and enclaves.In many a times these nighbourhoods have been associated with crime and drugs. Does is it mean the researches that were conducted didnt capture these common phenomenon that is associated with ghettos? Furthermore, the article does not highlight any ways that have been adopted to combat the expanding ghettos and enclaves without necessarily disrupting the social cultural set of these people in the ghettos. name and addressWalks, A. R. Bourney, L. S. (2006). The Canadian Geographer Publication

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Bullying: How Can It Be Prevented?

deterrence is a term used to describe a take a leak of curse perpetrated by someone who is in some way more powerful, physically or socially than his peers or the spate in the immediate environment. While at that place be those who say that punking is something that children lead soon outgrow , there is no denying the fact that blustery has become prevalent in virtually nurtures all over America today.Given this alarmingly high rate of pranceing, the relevance of coming up with methods by which to muckle with this social trouble becomes more and more apparent. However, to be able to formulate a demonstrate by which push around contribute hard-hittingly be go alonged it necessary to first examine hectoring, its elements, grammatical cases and causes. Only finished an understanding of bullying can parents, teachers and schools decently come up with the necessary paces to reduce or totally remove the presence of bullying.BULLYING Main Elements of Bullying The bul lying has been identified by researchers as possessing the following characteristics or elements aggressive and negative deportment, repeatedly carrying out of the appearance, existent in a relationship with a great imbalance of power and the behavior as being purposeful (Hazler 1997). When these characteristics exhibit themselves in both relationship that a psyche has with another person, it is highly likely that there is bullying.The aggressive and negative behavior can often be manifested in other factors outside of the relationship between the bully and the dupe such as in the classroom or in the manner that the bully interacts with people in authority as compared to the interaction among his (bully) peers. Bullying is not a single and isolated occurrence. A single grammatical case of abuse or attack, be it physical or mental, is often not a case of bullying as it may just be the result of flaring tempers or minor disagreements among school children (Hazler 1997). Bully ing involves constant aggression over a period of time.In relationships where there is a great imbalance in power between the parties, bullying is nigh likely to occur. The more powerful and aggressive person has been found to exercise a certain(a) influence over the weaker party and to dominate the other party. Bullying is not just a series of random acts of aggression. According to a study, the acts perpetrated by a bully are not just random acts of aggression but a series of well knowing acts aimed at effectively exercising domination of the victim and being able to extract a certain reaction that the bully is looking (Batsche 1994).When all of these elements are present in a relationship, bullying is most likely to be occurring or to occur. While these elements are not conclusive in proving or wake the existence of bullying, the existence of these elements has been shown to determine to a certain extent the presence of bullying. Types of Bullying Bullying can basically be se gregated into two distinct categories, direct bullying and indirect bullying or social aggression. Direct bullying involves direct physical aggression by the bully over the victim.This type of bullying is most common among males and is exercised by those who are physically bigger than their peers. Indirect bullying is most common among females and younger children. This is make by forcing the victim into social isolation through methods such as constant criticism of the victim, refusal to associate with the victim or by making the victim feel left field out of any social activity (Batsche 1994). Bullying may manifest itself in different shipway depending on the direct environment and the parties involved.Bullying, according to a recent study, is the assertion of power through aggression. Its forms salmagundi with age school playground bullying, sexual harassment. Gang attacks, date violence, assault, marital violence, child abuse, workplace harassment and elder abuse. (Pepler an d Craig 1997). Reasons for Bullying While bullying is caused mostly by reasons personal to the bully, researches pay off pinpointed certain factors as key to understanding why bullying exists in the first place.Researchers have indicated that people who bully have personalities that are authoritarian, combined with a strong need to control (Kim 2006). The same study indicates that a dearth in social skills and a prejudicial view of subordinates can be particular risk factors. some other factors have been determined to be the following quickness to anger and use of force, addiction to aggressive behaviors, misinterpretation others actions as hostile, concern with preserving self image, and engaging in obsessive or rigid actions. (Kim 2006)TAKING A give birth AGAINST BULLYING Role of Parents, Teachers and Schools Parents, Teachers and Schools should take an active role in remedying the riddle of bullying. Bullying is a behavior which often occurs during ones childhood and in cer tain cases continues in the immediate environment of these bullies upon reaching adulthood. One of the keys to firmness this problem therefore lies in being able to deal with the problem in its infancy horizontal surface (Harris 2006). The following are abuses that can be taken to deal with this daub.Identifying the Problem The first step that can be done to fitly address the problem of bullying is to be able to decently identify the presence of bullying. Most students or children who are victims of bullying are afraid to report to the proper authorities for fear of being bullied even more if they are found out. The victims are also hesitant to alert the proper authorities because they do not feel that the authorities can do anything to prevent such bullying from happening.For these reason, it is important to be able to determine the existence of bullying based on other factors and manifestations. Some of these signs that a child is being bullied are the following lowered s elf-esteem, unexplained abject personal possessions, loss of money, loss of personal items, unexplained bruises & injuries or stories that dont add up, missing or incomplete school work, decreased success in class, acting out aggression at home, and lack of busy at social events that include other students.At the first signs of these manifestations, steps should be taken to determine if there really is bullying going on and this can be best done by communication to victim in a proper manner that something can be done about the situation if it is reported quickly. Encouraging Victims to Report the Bullying The second most important step in transaction with this problem lies in being able to show to the victim and to other victims who are unwilling to report incidences of bullying that reporting it to the proper authorities is the proper thing to do.In most cases, victims of bullying are provisional to report any instance of bullying because they are not insure that the problem ca n be dealt with (Kim 2006). The best method is in being able to assure the victim that there are people who are there to support him and help him out in this process (Storch 2005). The victim has to be assured of the fact that he is not isolated from any help. The victim also needs to know that the incident will not increase in frequency or gravity once it has been reported to the proper authorities such as teachers or school personnel.In being able to do this, the incidence of bullying can be drastically reduced when other children who have been victims themselves see that something can be done about the problem of bullying (Storch 2005). Assessing the Bully One of the most overlooked aspects in dealings with the problem of bullying has to do with being able to address the problem at the source which means dealing with the bully (Harris 2006).Bullies who are encouraged or not shown the mistakes that they are committing have a high angle of dip of exhibiting such aggressive behav ior outside of the school setting and eventually bringing them into the other environments which they are immersed in and thus perpetuating this wrongful behavior. The problem of bullying, as mentioned earlier, must be dealt with at its source in other to prevent more acts of bullying from happening.This method however is trickier than it seems because when approaching or confronting a bully it must be remembered that the person may feel that such act is a sign of aggression and may react conformably. The steps with which to deal with a bully must be done in a very non-threatening manner thus reinforcing the idea that aggression is not the best way to deal with problems (Storch 2005). The bully must be made to understand that such aggressive behavior has a deleterious impact on not only the victim but on the psychological and emotional proceeds of the bully as well.Counseling by an expert or peer counseling has been shown to be highly effective in these instances. CONCLUSION Bully ing does not have to be something that society just has to tolerate. Neither does bullying have to be something that a child needs to experience and be able to outgrow in order to become a more mature and responsible adult. As this discourse has shown, there are indeed steps that can be taken by persons in authority to curb the occurrences of bullying. The problem must first be identified correctly.The next step is to properly address whatever feelings the victim may have regarding the incident and ensuring that the aggressive behavior that the victim has experienced does not repeat itself. aft(prenominal) this, proper programs to encourage witnesses and victims to report any incidents of bullying that occur have to be done. The final step in solving this social problem is in trying to address the problem from the side of the bully and ensuring that whatever reason the bully had for doing such is given attention and making sure that the event does not happen again.Proper implementa tion of these measures will surely help in reducing if not ridding society of this problem concerning bullying. References Batsche, G. M. , & Knoff, H. M. Bullies and their victims Understanding a pervasive problem in the schools, (1994) School PSYCHOLOGY REVIEW, 23 (2), 165-174. EJ 490 574. Hazler, R. J. , Carney, J. V. , Green, S. , Powell, R. , & Jolly, L. S. Areas of Expert savvy on Identification of School Bullies and Victims, (1997). School Psychology International, 18, 3-12. Kim, B. L.Leventhal, Y. -J. Koh, A. Hubbard, and W. T. Boyce School Bullying and Youth Violence Causes or Consequences of Psychopathologic Behavior? Arch Gen Psychiatry, September 1, 2006 63(9) 1035 1041. Storch, E. and D. R. Ledley Peer Victimization and Psychosocial Adjustment in Children Current acquaintance and Future Directions Clinical Pediatrics, January 1, 2005 44(1) 29 38. Harris, S. and C. Hathorn Texas Middle School Principals Perceptions of Bullying on Campus NASSP Bulletin, March 1, 2006 90(1) 49 69.

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Can netflix recover from its strategic mistakes?

Introduction and keep ac friendship overviewNetflix is the fields leading come throughr of online stream media and movie leases with more than 50 million of online proofreaders.1 It is the most orotund provider of online stream media in the world with operations in the US, Canada and in 42 countries in Latin the States and the Caribbean. In fact, Netflix is the single enlargedst source of profit employment in the US, consuming 29.7% of the peak downstream traffic.2 Since its inception, this giant provider of online drift media has gained increase popularity. The familiarity was first baseed by Reed Hastings in 1997.3 Netflix began its operations with the selling of videodisks and rendering of rental operate by mail. The demand for videodisc by rental services quickly tabuweighed the demand for buying DVDs which lead to the company focusing their note model on dvd rentals.4 Over the years, the companys harvest-time quickly gained momentum to the point that it pas sed its 500,000 subscriber mark.5 The company continued to sire a rapid growth and by 2003, the subscriber base had already tripled to 1.5 million.6 In 2007, Netflix launched the online- drift services and positioned itself for the imminent transition to digital media by partnering with companies much(prenominal) as Microsoft, LG Electronics, Samsung and Roku and negotiating agreements with the biggest entertainment companies such(prenominal) as CBS, Starz Entertainment, and Disney for float of media national.7Throughout 2010 and the first half of 2011, the company experienced an unprecedented growth. The subprogram of online subscriptions in the US alone doubled from 12.3 million to 24.6 million.8 The buttocksly revenue rapidly increased from $445 million to $770 million and the military control price increased reach an all-time luxuriously of $304.79.9 However, a series of schema budges implemented in mid July 2011 tarnished the companys image and led to a steep rejec t in advantageousness and carnation price. In mid-July 2011, Netflix implemented a brisk pricing intention which raised the periodical subscription by 60%. Customers reacted negatively to these price changes with more than 600,000 Netflix subscribers gagecelling their subscription.10 Towards the end of 2011, the company implemented a nonher strategical change by creating Qwister and splitting the DVDs-by-mail business from mesh streaming business. This sparked a second furore leading to a further decline in its stock prices. Netflixs decline in the assiduity can be attributed to such kind of strategic mistakes. With these in mind, can Netflix can recover from its strategic mistakes?External digestNetflixs performance in the industriousness is affected by a number of external factors. An external audit of the exertion reveals more or less of these political, economic, brotherly and proficient factors.PESTLE ANALYSISPolitical and Legal factorsAmong the variant factors affecting the performance of Netflix in the industry argon the political and levelheaded factors, particularly legal battles, trademark, copyright and patent issues. Netflix faces on freeing legal battles with several(prenominal) companies including Comcast and Time Warner Cable.11 This began with complaints from Comcast customers that the connection animate for Netflix streams had dropped significantly. Netflixs own entropy showed a massive decline in connection speed as shown in the figure be hapless.Fig. 1 Netflixs own entropy showing a massive decline in Comcasts connection speed.12More new-fangledly, Netflix filed a request with the US Federal Communications Commission challenging the proposed nuclear fusion reaction between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.13 Netflix argues that the merger should not be allowed under the FCCs public interest standard as it would stifle the competitive internet food foodstuff and could potentially cause public harm by making the alread y expensive in high spirits definition (HD) even more expensive for video companies and consumers.14 However, the petition to turn down the proposed merger may not succeed as the commission has already patch upd that Comcast has the right to discriminate against online video distributors. The commission withal determined that the public harm claim that Netflix raised was merely speculative and highly unlikely. The approval of the proposed merger points to the hard-foughty that Netflix may face in future. Comcast has already shown its willingness to discriminate against online video distributors by manipulating internet traffic at interconnection points with the aim of harming Netflix.15 Social factorsFrom the social perspective, Netflix relies on the popularity of its media subject field among consumers. Even though Netflix has raced to change state ubiquitous having pioneered online streaming, its main weakness has been the inability to feature the latest releases. It should be remembered that consumers want the most recent centre. This is a particular ara where Netflix has always been lagging behind. According to a recent consumer report, 81% of the respondents were found to stream media from Netflix, making it the most popular.16 However, these respondents expressed their dissatisfaction with the service citing Netflixs movie line up as the biggest issue of concern. Respondents were displeased with the limited selection of movies especially the latest releases.17EconomicIn terms of economic factors, Netflix operates in an industry characterized by large introduction cost, low prices and a very(prenominal) competitive environment. To assert an edge in the trade, firms have to price competitively against rivals.The industry is still at its infancy and many companies appear to be experimenting their business models. For example, YouTube recently reached an agreement with Lions Gate Entertainment which secured it rights to mainstream movies from the entertainment company.18 Apple recently unveiled its plans to gain an upgraded Apple TV that allow consumers to stream video from TV Sets. Hulu recently begun a new subscription plan that allows customers to watch some TV shows that are not available for free at the cost of $10 per month.19 With streaming becoming more competitive, Netflix will have to improvise in order to continue to prosper in the industry.TechnologicalTechnology is rapidly changing and for Netflix to continue to thrive, it must contend with the constantly evolving and competing technology. Even though Netflix gained its sign competitive advantage from its business model which capitalized on the weakness of the tradition brick and mortar businesses, it continues to face the argufy of adjusting to new technological pressures.20 Already some of Netflixs typifyingions are move outering additional innovative services to its customers. For example, Amazon Prime provides users with services such as free two -day shipping and free kindle disk in addition to instant video streaming. HBO has made its online capability available for purchase without the necessity of stemma subscription. Vudu is releasing many titles the same day they out on DVD compared to Netflix which releases them 28 days later.21Five forces frameworkRivalry among firms at that place is no doubt that ambition is becoming more intense in the industry. Netflix faces many rival competitors in the industry from Blockbuster to Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Comcast, Google TV, Apple TV and many others (Indiviglio, 2010). The intense rivalry is due to the large consumer market in the movie rental industry. The rivalry is also increased by the different methods that consumers can pay off a movie from in-store rental to mail delivery to online streaming and video on demand. The switching be remain comparatively low which perhaps contribute to the fierce rivalry in the industry. A large number of the rival competitors hav e large levels of capital and greater economies of scale which makes competition in the industry very fierce. holy terror of new entrantsWhile Netflix faces intense rivalry from competitor firms, the scourge of potential new entrants is relatively low due to the large entry costs in the market. Most of the existing firms have already naturalized a well-known brand such as Hulu plus, Red box and Amazon instant video.22 This makes it progressively difficult for new players to thrive in the market. A potential new entrant would have to sire a lot costs in marketing and advertising to establish its brand and become competitive. Threat of substitutionSimilarly, the bane of substation is relatively low as many consumers prefer online streaming to physical DVD rentals. While there is no much of a threat to Netflix online streaming model, there is an existing threat from illegal pirating. Some websites provide customers with free access to most media content. However, most of these web sites are illegal. Further, these websites are clean complicated and are not nearly intuitive as Netflixs service.23 While it mud politicss responsibility to enforce anti-pirating laws, it may be in Netflixs best interest to foyer for tighter enforcements of these laws.24Bargaining power of consumersIn terms of the bargain power, consumers seem to have a higher(prenominal) ground. Consumers have a higher bargaining power since there are many options in the industry with little or no switching costs. Netflix currently charges its customers an affordable monthly fee of $7.99 but since customers are not locked into contracts, they can good switch from one online streaming company to another with minimal or low switching costs.25 broad(prenominal) consumer bargaining power implies that the company must be very careful in implementing its strategies. This can be seen with the price changes that Netflix imposed on its subscribers in 2011. A new pricing plan announced by the company in mid-July 2011 which increased the subscription price by 60% sent the companys stock price in a tailspin.26Bargaining power of suppliersContent remains a key input in Netflixs business strategy. Since there are very hardly a(prenominal) media content providers that offer high quality content, the bargaining power of suppliers remain relatively high. Suppliers can impose a price increase or offer low quality content and this could have an adverse force on the companys profitability.27 Recognizing the relatively high suppliers bargaining power, Netflix recently begun developing its own content, some of which have genuine acclaim in the industry such as the preindication of cards and Hemlock Grove.28 However, notwithstanding these efforts, Netflixs survival is largely dependent upon the variety of its content. Netflix still has to rely on its content providers to gratify the necessitate of its large consumer base.II Internal analysisAn analysis of the internal environment of Netflix is also authoritative as it identifies the competencies that currently exist for the company to compete effectively. The VRIO framework and value chain model is going to be very useful in the analysis of the internal environment.Distinctive competencies the VRIO frameworkQuestion of value are the companys resources and capabilities enabling it to capitalize on opportunities and neutralize external threats?In terms of distribution, Netflix has a sustainable advantage. It has several distribution channels from the physical distribution of titles through physical stores to distribution by mail.29 However, this is a temporary advantage as blockbuster is posing a vast threat to the physical distribution of titles. possibly the biggest sustainable advantage lies with their online streaming capabilities. Being the first company with the capability to offer online video streaming service, it undoubtedly ranks at the top of video companies with the most widely streamed content. Ho wever, Apple is posing a huge threat having established presence in online streaming through iTunes.30Question of rarityAre there only a few numbers of firms with these capabilities?In some certain capabilities, Netflix have a sustainable advantage over competitor firms whereas in other capabilities, the company has only a temporary advantage. For example, in DVD rental and high Ray rental Netflix only has a temporary advantage since many firms have the capabilities to produce these items.31 However, with watch to online streaming, title variety, and convenience to consumers Netflix has a sustainable advantage. This is because many other firms in the industry do not have the internal capabilities to innovate in these particular areas. Question of inimitability?The industry is characterized by large entry costs. Many firms lack the necessary resources and internal capabilities to offer similar content. It is quite expensive and extremely difficult to form agreements with content pr oviders. Netflix has a temporary and sustainable advantage in this particular area having engineered the online streaming business model and formed agreements with several content providers including warner Bros and CBS among many others. Netflixs possess key resources and capabilities that provide it with advantages that are not easy to imitate.32Question of organization?An important part of the internal analysis is examining how the policies and procedures are nonionic and whether this organization realizes the companys use of its valuable resources. Netflix has a functional centralized organizational bodily structure in which the CEO has direct control over its six departments.33 Netflixs embraces a culture of emancipation and innovation. Employees have the freedom to remain innovative and productive. This shows how the companys organization policies are organized to support its valuable resources. area III Issues and challengesHowever, even with these resources and competenc ies, Netflix faces some challenges/impediments in its drive to remain competitive. One study challenge is its reliance on content providers. The company still has to depend on other content providers such as CBS and Time warner in order to continue to maintain the breadth and variety of their products. much(prenominal) form of dependency can have dire consequences on the company especially where there are disagreements. For example, in mid July 2011, Netflix was forced to implement a new pricing plan that raised the monthly subscription by 60% after(prenominal) Starz, one of its content providers, demanded $300 million for renewal of its license with Netflix.34 Initially, Netflix had been salaried this premium movie channel $30 million annually. This was a huge step back and led to a steep decline in its stock price. Recently, Netflix was forced to remove some of its content after losing its contract with Viacom International, a leading provider of children shows.35While the hu ge subscriber base may hold back Netflix some sought of leverage in negotiating terms, much of its survival is still at the mercy of its content providers. Another challenge facing Netflix lies with the stiff competition in the movie industry. Even though the threat for potential new entrants is relatively low, there is an intense rivalry in the industry among key players such as Blockbuster, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Comcast, Google TV, and Apple TV.36 With the battlefront slip online, Netflix is going to be in direct competition with some of the well-financed and innovative companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon.37 Netflix will have to be savvier than ever by negotiating get out agreements for online streaming in order to take on these giant companies.38Part IV Generation of strategic growth optionNetflixs overall situation is fairly attractive and somewhat sustainable. However, there are a number of Strategic Options that the company could pursue in its efforts to con tinue to grow and develop. The Ansoff matrix stopcock below will be utilize to describe these options.Ansoff matrix tool39Ansoff MatrixMarket developmentInternational expansion is one of the strategic growth option. Netflix has already entered into regional license agreements to stream media content from 42 countries in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.40 However, this international expansion need to be implemented very cautiously. While this has allowed Netflix to expand its subscriber base, the company is spending so much that it doesnt actually profit from this international expansion. For example, in the last quarter of 2012, international losings nominate $105 million despite the gain of 6 million new subscribers.41Product developmentThe company could also benefit from developing its own original content and focusing on the online streaming business. Developing its own original content will reduce their dependence on content providers. There is also an impera tive need to human body out the DVD mailing option from Netflixs business model. The movie industry is quickly shifting online, yet Netflix continues to develop millions of DVDs which have high run costs. scorn its huge revenue, Netflixs margins are eaten up by its huge production costs.42 With the movie industry shifting online, Netflix may lose out on major profits if they take too tenacious to phase out the DVD mailing option.Market penetrationIn terms of market penetration, Netflix need to increase its interior(prenominal) market. Growth in online streaming has resulted due to the increasing broadband penetration, growth in connected devices, faster download speed and the broader trends of media consumption.43 A large part of the purchasing and usage of Netflixs content come from existing customers in the US. However, there is still a larger market in the US that Netflix can benefit from. Netflix can leverage its first mover advantage to expand more rapidly in the US.Diver sificationNetflix is currently in competition with rivals in the market in two main product lines dvd rentals and online streaming. With virtual rivals such as Amazon, Hulu and cable TV companies among many others, competition in online streaming is going to be intense. In the product line of DVD rental, competitors such as Blockbuster and Red-box pose a huge threat.44 To maintain an edge in the market, Netflix need to diversify its product line to embroil video and computer games.Part V Evaluation of strategic growth optionsWith these strategic options identified, it is important to evaluate each option in terms of suitability, handiness and feasibility. SAF framework will be very useful in this evaluation.SAFe frameworkSuitability criteriaSuitability criteria will evaluate whether these strategic options support Netflixs mission and values, whether they are suitable for industry life cycle breaker point and whether they strengthen Netflixs competitive position. Netflixs missio n statement is to grow the streaming subscription business some(prenominal) domestically and globally and to improve customer experience while staying within the parameter of their consolidated income and operating profit.45 Strategy optionsSupports Netflixs mission and valuesSuitable for industry life cycle stageStrengthens Netflixs competitive position Expanding subscriber base internationally market developmentyesYes it is important to expand internationally currently in the industry.Yes. In the long term, this will consolidate their position in the industry Expanding rapidly in domestic market market penetrationYesYes market penetration is also important.Yes, in the long run. Focusing squarely on online streaming business and producing some its content product developmentYesYes the shifting market environment makes this strategy very effective.Yes the industry is locomote online and this strategy will significantly improve Netflixs competitive position Diversifying pro duct line to include video and computer games.yesYes suitable for industry life cycle stageYes this strategy will distinguish Netflix from competitorsAccessibility criteriaThe accessibility criteria is assessed based on customer reactions, risks of losses and returns on investments. Strategy optionsReaction of customersRisk of lossesReturns on investments Expanding subscriber base internationally market developmentNo effect on customer reactionHigh margins from international segment so remote remain very low compared to domestic levels. Already the company has incurred huge losses from this expansion.Low Broadband radix is very unforesightful in many international countries and pricing strategy may be seen as high in developing economies. Expanding rapidly in domestic market market penetrationNo discernible effectLow margins from domestic segments are very highHigh the current low pricing policy is very attractive for new customers and entertainment consumption remains h igh Focusing squarely on online streaming business and producing some its content product developmentPositive impact provides customers with the convenience they need.Low the industry is shifting online and customer subscription for online streaming is increasing.Very high market shifting online and broadband infrastructure allows for streaming of high quality hence improve customer experience.Producing its content will reduce its dependence on content providers. Diversifying product line to include video and computer games.Positive it will enhance customer experienceRelatively low due to lack of differentiation between competitorsHigh the added feature will increase customer experience among consumers who like video games. Feasibility criteriaFeasibility criteria involves examining whether Netflix has the internal capabilities and resources to support implementation of these strategic options Strategy optionsDo existing technological assets support this strategy?Does Netflix have adequate financial resources to support implementation of this strategy?Is there teeming information available for implementation of this strategy? Expanding subscriber base internationally market developmentTechnically, Netflixs content delivery network is able to support this strategy.Netflix still has enough financial resources to expand internationally, however, huge losses have been incurred in implementation of this strategyYes, there is enough information to implement this strategy, however, the losses incurred so far raises the question of whether it is a feasible option? Expanding rapidly in domestic market market penetrationYes, Netflixs content delivery network is able to support this strategyYes, the company still has enough funds for market penetration.Yes, Netflix has enough information to ensure success of this strategy. Focusing squarely on online streaming business and producing some its content product developmentYes, Netflix has exceptional tools with intelligent analysis that alter it to detect faults in systems, improve on customer experience and handle increasing data traffic.There are enough financial resources to implement this strategy.Yes, Netflix has enough information. For example, when it created its original TV series House of Cards, Netflix knew that it would be a hit based on examining consumers viewing habits. Diversifying product line to include video and computer games.No, Netflix may not have the technological capabilities to produce computer games.However, there are enough financial resources to implement this strategy.Also, there might not be enough information to implement this strategy. Netflix may not have enough history data to base on since most consumers subscribed to watch movies and not play computer games. PART VI Description of Selected StrategyNetflix need to focus squarely on the streaming business and phase out the DVD mailing option from its product portfolio. It should be noted that movie indu stry is quickly woful online and the DVD business is bound to declines. This can be seen with the decline in Netflixs domestic subscribers.Declining number of DVD subscribers while domestic streaming subscribers increase.46This is also very much consistent with Netflixs generic wine business strategy of differentiation, cost leadership and providing customers with convenience. While the DVD business has in the past been very profitable compared to the online streaming business there is a slow but inevitable decline in the DVD business as the industry moves towards online streaming.47 The huge costs associated with production of physical discs, packaging costs and the high costs of running the DVD distribution centers will adversely affect the DVD business.Netflix bestow profit, DVD vs domestic streaming.48Focusing exclusively on online streaming will without doubt enhance these generic strategies by differentiating Netflix from brick and mortar stores such as Blockbuster and Redb ox, and providing customers with the convenience that they need. Netflix has the internal capabilities and resources to carry out this strategy successful. For the company to successfully carry out this strategy, it has to be vigilant in supporting millions of connected devices used by consumers in online streaming.49 From the operational perspective, Netflix has large, complex and highly distributed systems environments. The company has exceptional tools with intelligent analysis that enable it to detect faults in systems and improve on customer experience and handle increasing data traffic.50Also, Netflix need to pay more attention on creating its own original content. This will decrease its dependence on content providers. Netflix is guaranteed success in content creation since they have enough information about the content that customers are desperately in need of. This can be seen with its original TV series the House of cards and Hemlock Grove, both of which have received accl aim in the industry.51 Netflix is able to determine if a particular TV series or movie is going to be a hit based on consumers viewing habits. This provides them with a huge advantage in content creation. However, this does not mean that Netflix should abandon its providers as its survival is largely dependent upon the variety of its content. Netflix still has to rely on its content providers to meet the needs of its large consumer base.ConclusionIn conclusion, while Netflix is the most prominent provider of online streaming with operations in the US, Canada and in 42 countries in Latin America and Caribbean, it faces a number of political, economic, social and technological factors in the industry. From legal battles emerging form trademark, copyright and patent issues to social and economic factors such as the inability to feature the latest releases and stiff competition in the industry. The main issues and challenges that Netflix faces are the high bargaining power of suppliers and stiff competition from well-financed and innovative companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon. However, the company could pursue various strategic growth options to further consolidate its position in the industry such international expansion, domestic market penetration, product development and diversification. Based on the SAF framework, Netflix is better positioned to focus exclusively on online streaming business and developing its own original content. This will provide the company with the sustainable advantage that it needs in terms of reducing the suppliers bargaining power, consolidating its competitive position in the industry and increasing customer experience.Netflixs overall situation is fairly attractive and somewhat sustainable. It remains the single largest source of internet traffic in the US, consuming 29.7% of peak downstream traffic. However, given the inevitable decline of the DVD business, the company should consider focusing their business model on onlin e streaming and creation of original content. With the growing capabilities of broadband communication, which allow for faster downloads and streaming of content, the industry is quickly moving online. This does not mean abandoning its content providers. It should be remembered that Netflixs survival is dependent on the variety of its content. Netflix should be savvier than ever by negotiating better agreements for online streaming, increasing the selection of titles and making it possible to stream more content including the latest releases.ReferenceAdhikari, V.K., Guo, Y., Hao, F., Varvello, M., Hilt, V., Steiner, M. and Zhang, Z., Unreeling Netflix understanding and improving multi-CDN movie delivery. University of Minnesota. 2012.Carrol, H., Menenberg, A. and Kwok, I., Strategic report for Netflix, Inc. OASIS Consulting, 2009.Culp, C., Friedman, M., Lincoln, G., Reeve, Q and Matt, A., Netflix past, present and future innovation. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy, usable from http//, 2012. 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